So hard to say goodbye to… last night: How wednesday night worship went

Remember that old song by Boys II Men…”It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday?”  What a great song that pat was back in the 90’s…and a great album from what I can remember.  I can remember trying to dance to that in my room as a young, awkward, white adolescent.  Anyways, that’s how I feel on every Thursday morning.  No, not awkwardly trying to dance, but that its so hard to say goodbye to last night…because all of our Wednesday nights are awesome!  Speaking of Boys II Men…isn’t that the goal of student ministry anyways?  We are in the ministry of transforming good boys to Christlike men and good girls to Christlike women.  We’re going after spiritual maturity!  By the way you order your student worship service, is the natural fruit spiritual maturity…or just pumping up the numbers and excitement? Continue reading

Teaching on the Church to Teens

Free file for youth pastors:

Doctrine of the Church (Outline)

Jody is a youth pastor in the Columbus area of Ohio.  He’s one of my best friends.  But what sets Jody apart is his passion to preach and teach Christ to his teens through the means and mixture of the Word and theology.  Youth pastor reading this right now with a frappe in one hand and your ipod in your other, if you’re wanting to give your students a good look at what the church is (identity) and what the church is supposed to do (mission), I’d urge you to take a look at this document to see how Jody is going to teach the doctrine of the church to his student ministry. Continue reading