iTunes CBSM Podcasts

We’re starting to post all of our sermons and lessons on iTunes podcasts.  All you have to do is put “cbsm podcasts” in the search bar of the iTunes store, and it should take you right to us!  You can easily download any or all of our storyline and framework mp3’s there.

KTL: Leadership in Student Ministry

One of my greatest privileges as a youth pastor is on Sunday nights after the evening service.  Most youth pastors would trade their electric drum set for an organ if they got to be a part of this.  On Sunday nights for one hour after the evening service, I have the honor of sitting around a table with 12 of the guys in our student ministry to study leadership together.  Half of the guys are already called into full-time ministry to be senior pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, etc.  The other half are just incredible servant-leaders within our student ministry.  We have about 5 seniors involved and 2 others from each grade down from there.

I’ve been asked before how we developed this ministry that we call KTL.  By the way, KTL stands for “Keruxon Ton Logon” which means “preach the Word” in the Greek.  Continue reading