One Hit Wonders: You Had A Bad Day (Book of Joel)

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Its all about one day! The question is: will it be a bad day or a good day for you? This one day is the most important day in your whole existence. I’m talking from the day you were born until the rest of your eternal life…this is the most important day ever. What day is that? Its the day that the book of Joel is about. He calls it “The Day of the Lord.” You need to read and hear about this book to see how to turn this terrifying day into the best day you could ever imagine!

Hosea: What To Do When Your Worship Service Is On Fire!

We won’t have a post up this week on Hosea. We’re holding off till next week. Let me explain why…

I actually mean your worship service being “on fire” literally. Last night, we had a shortened worship service since we had planned a 4th of July Fireworks and Cookout afterwards. We opened the night up with a quick video, then our worship band rocked the house with “O Happy Day” and “How He Loves.” We showed our service intro video, and I got into my message on Hosea. Got through the intro, some opening jokes, and the start of the passage when…our lighting crew turned off the spot lights, got on the mic, and announced that one of our can lights were on fire! So we slowly evacuated our students out of our building, and started our 4th of July party early! And…we dealt with the fire and got a couple of new lights.

Sweet Dreams: A Vision of The Kingdom (The Book of Daniel)

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We are all caught up in a Kingdom! A Kingdom is a culture, a people, a place, with a King who is ruling over it all. Everyone has a culture they are living out. Everyone has a people they identify with most. Everyone has a place they loved to be with most. Everyone has someone they love to live for in their life in order to please. Kingdom is also a huge them found throughout the Scriptures. From the beginning to the end, God is constantly pronouncing, introducing, and fulfilling His kingdom through Christ. This message will help you identify your kingdom, and it will encourage you to live in and for the Kingdom of Christ!

Sweet Dreams: A Vision of the Rising Dead (Ezekiel 37)

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I told CBSM last night that if they didn’t understand or believe the topic we were going to talk about, they could not be saved! I told them that if this topic was not understood or believed on the mission field, then the people could not be saved. We here preaching on this in our churches usually no more than once a year. This is devastatingly sad since the majority of the Bible points to it, and it is absolutely necessary for saving faith and a spiritually growing life. What did we talk about? The resurrection of Jesus Christ! Do Christians, believers, or church members truly understand the necessity and the power of Jesus’ resurrection? His resurrection is the most important event of all time. Without the resurrection, Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and Good Friday (Jesus’ death) were failures! So here you go…my attempt at a biblical, theological, comprehendable, fun, and convicting sermon on the resurrection of Jesus to teenagers.

CBSM Game Idea: Old Testament Dance Off

This is one of CBSM’s most favorite videos of all time. I’ve met this dude before, and he’s a great guy. A youth pastor in California somewhere I believe. But about once a year, we’ll start out our youth service with this video. Then we’ll ask the whole student ministry to stand up and copy the Old Testament Dance (from 1:45 to 2:15 on the video). I’ll watch for the best dancers, and pick the top 10 to come up on stage and have an Old Testament Dance Off with the video playing with them from 1:45 to 2:15. The only rule we have is that the students don’t turn around with their rump shaking the crowd as “the booty drops like the walls of Jericho.” Your student ministry will love this! Give a free snack or drink to the winner.

Rock Bottom: The Book of Lamentations

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This was our first service in two weeks. The tornadoes hit us hard two weeks ago on April 27th. The area was devastated as many lost their homes and some lost their lives. I’m absolutely amazed (but not all that surprised) that God had the book of Lamentations next for our study. Get this…Lamentations is all about the destruction of a city. What?! God’s timing is just absolutely incredible, and His love to speak into our lives through His Word is astounding. I’ve found through my study that a biblical process of reacting and responding through tragedy is biblical mourning which leads to biblical lamenting, biblical lamenting leads to biblical hope, and biblical hope leads to biblical restoring. We don’t need any of this ridiculous psycho-babble that is anti-Bible. We need God’s Word itself to help us on our journey when hitting rock bottom. So put down the psychology books, turn off Oprah and Dr. Phil, open up your Bible, and listen to God from Lamentations. Its some sweet stuff! And by the way, biblical lamenting is not crying out at God or even to God, but biblical lamenting is crying out FOR God. Check it out…

REBUK’D: Struggle and Strength by Jacob Reed (Jeremiah 11-20)

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Jacob Reed absolutely brought the funk while preaching God’s Word and pointing CBSM to Jesus last night! Jacob really challenged us on how to face our struggles head-on when following after Jesus. Here’s the deal…we will struggles. Its inevitable! Jeremiah internally, emotionally, and genuinely struggled when doing God’s call. Jesus struggled as well. Check out His intense, internal, and emotional struggle in the Garden of Matthew 26. If you’re NOT struggling, you might need a salvation check! Satan hates that we’re saved, Satan wants us to give up, and Satan wants us to stop living out God’s call on our lives for Jesus’ glory. So check out this message which will teach you all about how to face your struggles head-on and continue your call for Christ!

CBSM All-Nighter Sermon: Why Jesus Is Our Motivation (1 Corinthians 3:10-15)

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This is the message for our annual CBSM All-Nighter. The purpose of our All-Nighter event is to invite as many unchurched and unsaved friends as possible to share the gospel with them, to share an awesome night of fun, and to invite them back on a regular basis. This is why I preached from 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. I wanted them to hear the one thing they needed to know the rest of their life: the Gospel. I wanted them to hear the one thing we’re all about at CBSM: the Gospel. And I wanted them to hear what they can expect to get whenever they come back to CBSM: the Gospel. This message is all about why Jesus is our motivation for salvation through the gospel, and why He’s our motivation to live morally on a daily basis. Without Jesus as our motive, nothing matter or counts!

LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith (Isaiah 44)

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This is a must needed message for all teenagers…and all students period. I’ve heard before that “you just gotta have faith” to be a Christian. But when I asked that person what “faith” is or what that “faith” should be in…they literally could not answer me. I wonder how many Christians might say “You just gotta have faith in Jesus”. But again…what is FAITH? What is faith NOT? What does faith mean? What does faith look like? How much faith does it take to be saved? What must our faith be in specifically…in order to be saved? Did you know that a person can “believe” that Jesus is God, died for sin, rose from the dead, and that He’s the Lord of all life…and they NOT be saved? Did you know that a person can be repentant of their sin and want to live a changed life and not be truly saved? So then…what is biblical, saving faith? Have we missed it? Have we heard it? Are we teaching it? Do we have it? I would encourage you to take a look and listen at “LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith.”