Law and Order: FeastFEST (Leviticus 23-27)

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Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23-27 (notes)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (slides)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (curriculum)

The God of the Old Testament is a God who commanded His people to PARTY! In fact, the parties that God designed were ones that called His people to feast and to remember what He’s done and who He is. Each of the Old Testament feasts are fulfilled in the Gospel of Jesus in fascinatingly specific ways.  Continue reading

How to Take Your Students Deep without Drowning Them


One of my favorite trips I ever took with my family while growing up was a weekend to Six Flags and White Water in Atlanta, GA. One year, my parents let my sister and I both bring a friend on this annual weekend of adventure. I chose from my group of friends very wisely because I wanted to make sure to have the most fun possible. So, I picked my buddy, Brandon. But before my decision was final, I had one last interview question for him: “Can you swim?” I asked because I didn’t want Brandon slowing me down! I had big plans for White Water’s slides, diving pool, but especially the wave pool. Brandon’s answers was, “Like a fish.”

I will never forget jumping into the deep end of the wave pool as soon as we got to White Water. Brandon jumped in right after me. I watched him sink “like a rock” to the bottom…where he stayed. Life guards began blowing whistles, they shut the waves down, and a fleet jumped into save my fish-less friend.

“Like a wave pool, if you shove your students into the deep end too quickly, they will drown!”


I Love My Church: Because We Don’t Listen To Creepers (Jude)

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12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (audio).mp3
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (netma).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (handout).pdf12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (ppt).ppt
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (notes).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (service flow).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (small groups).pdf
Being the brother of Jesus, Jude seems like he would be Mr. Nice Guy. But when you read his book, you’ll see he gets serious with some straight up real talk to his readers about avoiding false teachers and living for Jesus. Jude does not play around when it comes to sin. He warns Christians about judgment, and calls them out on the carpet! You’ll definitely love this study. Let us know your thoughts!

I Love My Church: Because We Love Marriage (1 Peter)

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7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (audio).mp3
7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (netma).pdf
7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (handout).pdf
7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (ppt).ppt
7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (notes).pdf
7 – ILMC – 1 Peter – Marriage (service flow)
CBSM Small Group Leaders, I sense God wanting you to read through 1 Peter 3:1-7, my sermon notes, and coming up with your own questions. I trust your leadership greatly. You know how these students need to be challenged in dating, marriage, sex, etc. So, be Spirit-led. Ask solid questions. Lead a great discussion. Be Christ-centered and gospel-grounded. Help our students to process, discuss, and apply!

Matt Townsend on “Youth Pastor to Church Planter”

I have had several of my youth pastor friends transition to church planting. I know of more who are very interested. Church planting is not only a huge move of the Holy Spirit today, it is also a huge fad in church culture. I asked my good friend, Matt Townsend to write briefly on how to think through the transition from youth ministry to church planting. Matt is a youth pastor gone church planter now in Philadelphia with a healthy, vibrant, and growing church plant. I respect Matt greatly as a pastor, and I’m always amazed to hear his wisdom as he thinks through tough issues. So here is what Matt has to say to youth pastors who are thinking about planting churches:

Church planting is the “extreme sports” of church life. It’s hard, really hard. Yet, so many people want to do it. So before you take the plunge, I want to talk to you about my experience and transition from youth ministry into church planting.

Jesus saved me at 15, called me into ministry at 16 and called me to plant churches when I was 20. What I didn’t know was the how or when of church planting. Do you just move into a neighborhood, start knocking on doors like a JW and say, “Hey, um, I starting a church in my basement, wanna come?” You’d probably end up doing prison ministry from the inside that way. So I waited.

I did youth ministry at First Baptist in Ohio for 5 years. During that time, God would remind me of His calling on my life. In 2007, I attended a Straight Up Ministry Conference at Harvest Bible Chapel. This is where I discovered the how. Continue reading

Youth Group Truth: Chip Dean’s Blog

chipmic2Chip Dean is the Global Student Pastor over all 3 campus Student Ministries at Liberty Baptist Church in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

“My goal is to SEND out GOSPEL-centered, RELATIONAL students who make DISCIPLES on MISSION with Jesus.”

This blog is all about sharing the resources from my years in Student Ministry. There are 10 years, all 66 books of the Bible, all 13 major Christian doctrines, over 25GB’s of info, and over 5,000 files to be downloaded.

If you would like all of these files more easily downloaded in one place on DropBox, email me at 

Here are other places you can follow Chip and his Student Ministry: Continue reading

“Identity” by Dan Dewitt (Eph 2:1-10)

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Identity by Dan Dewitt.mp3
Identity by Dan Dewitt (handout).pdf
Dan Dewitt (service order).doc
Dan Dewitt is the Dean of Boyce College in Louisville, KY. He has served in youth ministry for years, and is an amazing preacher of God’s Word to teenagers. In this message, Dr. Dewitt challenges CBSM on how their identity is to be in Jesus alone. You will absolutely love this message!

Angels, Satan, and Demons: The Strategy of Satan

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4 – Satan Strategy (mp3)
4 – Satan Strategy (handout).pdf
4 – Satan Strategy (ppt)
4 – Satan Strategy (outline).doc
4 – Satan Strategy (service order).doc
4 – Satan Strategy (small groups).doc
What if America knew Osama’s strategy for September 11 before it happened? Would we not be able to stop the hijacking terrorists? What if we as Christians knew exactly what Satan’s strategy was to get us to sin, take our eyes off of Jesus, and follow him as the devil? What if God has revealed all of Satan’s dirty little secrets and spoiled his tempting surprises? Guess what?! He has! This message is all about making us more aware of what Satan is up to, and how to figure out exactly how he’s tempting us in our lives. Check it out!

re-invent: A Conference on Youth and Family Ministry

This is the conference that I would recommend to any youth pastor I know. It is hosted by a top-notch seminary, with unbelievably biblical professors, who have the best Christ-centered approach to youth/family ministry that I’ve ever heard of. It is affordable, it is practical, and it is a must-attend. Youth pastors, if you get to attend and youth ministry conference this year, let me twist your arm and urge you to make it up to Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY for “re-invent.” You can find more info for registration, costs, lodging, etc. @

Angels, Satan, and Demons: All About Angels

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2 – Angels (mp3).mp3
2 – Angels (handout).pdf
2 – Angels (ppt).ppt
2 – Angels (notes).doc
Have you ever heard people retell their possible experiences or encounters with angels? Could they be possible? It is possible! In fact, we naturally allow people’s stories to shape our minds concerning what we believe about angels. The entertainment world is full of movies and music on angels. “Angels In The Outfield”, “Touched By An Angel”, “Its A Wonderful Life”, “Angels Among Us”, and “Earth Angel” are only a few of the movies, TV shows, and songs that are talking about angels. Our minds are naturally shaped on our beliefs about angels simply by the culture around us. So how can we know what to believe? We must allow the Bible to shape our minds regarding angels so that we will know what the truth is. This CBSM study on angels will teach you both what angels are like and what angels do. We went deep and super informative with this one. Make sure you focus and stick with it, and you’ll know what most of the Bible teaches about the angelic.