REBUK’D: Idolatry and Adultery by Blake Hall (Jeremiah 2 – 10)

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2 – Jeremiah 2-10 – The Sin (ppt)
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April is CBSM’s student preaching month. This is the first student preaching sermon of this year…by Blake Hall. Blake preached on Jeremiah 2 – 10 which is all about God rebuking His people for their sins of idolatry and adultery. When we are learning about rebuke as Christians, we have to know what we’re up against and what sin is. Idolatry is not just people in 3rd world countries and a part of pagan religions who bow down to little stone statues. Idolatry is woshiping anything other than Jesus. Idolatry is putting anything on a higher or equal plane than God. So Idolatry can be anyone or anything that we put the majority of our love, thoughts, time, money, etc into. Also, adultery is not just a married person having sex with someone else. Eventually, nearly everyone will be married. So there are adulterous sins for single teenagers. When they go too far physically or sexually with someone else who is not their spouse. That too is adulterous sin. So check out Blake’s sermon on sins that need to be rebuked, and how Jesus can overpower our sin so that we can worship Him alone in purity!

Biblical Beauties: About A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

CBSM, this was sent to me by Brenda Robertson: one of our awesome small group leaders doing some reading. At CBSM, we are serious about our guys being biblical BEASTS and our girls being biblical beauties. If you want to read any more by Jen Smidt, check out

A Quiet, Gentle Spirit
by Jen Smidt on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 5:15 am
Mars Hill Ballard Campus

Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. 1 Peter 3:4

I am not naturally a quiet or gentle spirit. I was raised in a household with six children, four of them boys. Being tough and loud were the best survival techniques I knew. I have often struggled with what this verse could possibly look like in the face of an opin-ionated and talkative woman. I have even felt shame for my personality and hoped for a more “acceptable” version of me, believing that a silent, always agreeable shadow of a woman certainly would be more pleasing to God. Continue reading

ktl 2010 – 10 – preaching the sermon of your text…and a preaching critique

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KTL 10 – Preaching the Sermon of Your Text and a Preaching Critique (mp3)

This was our “lab portion” of the KTL semester.  The lab is when we go into the student building, I teach them how to speak, preach, and present their sermon in an effective way.  We go through everything from eye contact, to facial expression, to voice inflection, pitch, volume, rate, hand gestures, posture, standing and walking, and emotion.  After we went through all that with questions, we had our first student preacher go through his practice sermon.  Every Sunday night before the Wednesday one of our KTL preachers preach in April, we let that student preacher of the week practice preach.  I then offer them some critique on how to make it better before Wednesday.  Every student needs different instruction.  I then take them out to eat on that Monday night before they preach just to celebrate what’s coming up, talk with them more about it, and show them how thankful I am for them.

The mp3 here is the instruction on “how to preach” and it is the critique of David’s sermon just so you can hear how we handle it.  We’re pretty straight forward and don’t pull any punches.  Our guys love that because they want it straight up on how they can be the best preacher for Christ they possibly can!