CBSM Small Groups: The Apostle #5

CBSM Small Group Leaders:
Here are your discussion questions for a successful small group session with your students for this Sunday!
The Apostle Small Group Questions 5.doc
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What This Church Is All About (by Munoz and Mize)

David Munoz wrote this rap while on a mission trip that was focused on church planting. He wrote it on what his church plant one day would be all about. This is literally one of the best raps I’ve ever read in my enter life. Move over Lecrae, Tedashi, Trip Lee, KB, and Flame. David Munoz is on the scene. Keith Mize is also featured here. Jason Cunningham is skiddle-dee-dooing some riffs on the electric. And Michael Harris is our bobble head in the bottom right corner. Check it out, and get a taste of what’s going down on Wednesday nights at CBSM. We are so Jesus chill! I could not be more impressed with everything that God is doing in the lives of these students, all that they are learning, how they are growing, and how they are centering it all on Jesus! Here are the lyrics to David’s sick rhyme.

This church is all about Jesus
and the way He was killed
the way He rose from the grave
bein’ so Spirit filled
Then ascended into heaven
leavin’ us to do His will
so now we’re singin’ at the Crossroads
bein’ so Jesus-chill

(Verse 1)
At first we might not have all the lights
but just like Angry Birds
you know we gonna be real tight
we might be unlike everybody else alone
witnessin’ on the the Vegas strip
without our cell phones
No distractions! We know the code
it’s not about the salary
it’s all about reality
cause Jesus is LORD
preachin’ the story, praisin’ raisin’ our hands up
and celebrating the Messisah because Jesus is enough Continue reading

2009 CBSM Christmas Par-tay

We pretty much NEVER cancel Wednesday night worship services…so this has got to be huge!  This Wednesday (Dec 9th) night, we will cancel our student worship service to have our annual Christmas par-tay.  This includes a Christmas missions project (caroling to our community), Christmas grub, gifts, and a live jazz band.  We’ll open up the doors at 6pm like normal.  The party will begin at 6:30pm with a quick run-through of Christmas carols, and then we’ll split yall up and send you out to spread some Christmas cheer (by singing loud for all to hear) to our immediate church community.  We want to spread the name of Christ throughout the whole Capshaw community.  We’ll get back to the church at about 7:45pm, and hit up the gym for some Christmas grub (food).  If you are a girl, you need to bring a dessert, and the guys need to bring a 2 liter drink.  Also, everyone needs to bring a $5 gift card for a quick swapping game we’ll play.  And all of this will be backed up by a live jazz band for your listening pleasure.  Remember, this is a great opportunity for you to bring your unsaved/unchurched friends for them to come and check us out.  And if you don’t have a church home or a confident faith to call your own, this ia  perfect chance to get to know us on just a fun level…and see that we’re not weirdos or freaks! haha.  So yall c’mon out to the Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry this Wednesday (Dec 9) for a little Christmas par-tay.

You Got Skills (Overview) – Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness

yougotskills (blog pic)

Free file for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – Overview (mp3)

As we are continuing our SMT’s (Student Ministy Teams) on Sunday nights, our church is moving to this model as well.  So our whole church is using Sunday evenings as opportunities to serve within the church and to serve the community for Christ.  It’s pretty awesome.

This mp3 is from this past Sunday night where I gave our student ministry a crash-course in understanding what spiritual gifts are, how they figure out their spirtiual giftendness, and how to use them most effectively.  Continue reading

San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #5

If I was living in the 90’s, I’d say that Wednesday was totally wicked!  Of course in the 90’s, wicked would be a good thing.  We got up, got grub (breakfast), and got out by 9am.  We went to one more confession session on church planting for our students which really hammered on who are the people in our lives right now that God has given us the opportunity to reach.  Continue reading

ARE YOU NUTS?: Critiquing the Controversial

So many books right now are out that are biblical (spiritual) that the world seems to be reading.  They are super controversial in the conservative-theological world.  I’ve always wanted to read them, never could find the time, but would find myself in conversations about them all the time.  I kept doing something I never really wanted to do…I’d debate on the validity of these works without reading them.  All I had to go off of was what I heard – and you know that doesn’t hold a drop of water with the readers!  So I’ve found a way to get into them…audio books on my ipod touch!  In the last week I’ve gotten to go through “The Shack” by William P. Young and “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller.  I’m finally finding time to go through these books that are sweeping and swarming the world spiritually…but may not be full of the truth that they claim.  So over the next few days I want to write a couple blogs on what I’ve learned and found in these books that are true and that are dangerous.  So stay tuned…same blog time, same blog channel.