Law and Order: FeastFEST (Leviticus 23-27)

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Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23-27 (notes)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (slides)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (curriculum)

The God of the Old Testament is a God who commanded His people to PARTY! In fact, the parties that God designed were ones that called His people to feast and to remember what He’s done and who He is. Each of the Old Testament feasts are fulfilled in the Gospel of Jesus in fascinatingly specific ways.  Continue reading

Why We Need to Get Back to The Sunday School Answer


Every youth pastor can share frustration about students only offering up Sunday School answers during small groups or discipleship groups. Many Sunday School lessons or small group curriculum are written as a time of question and (one-word) answer instead of helping students to engage in conversations.

While I can completely share in these same frustrations at times, these aren’t my greatest frustrations when it comes to students’ answers in groups.

Not only are Sunday School answers simple one-word answers from students, but they also are the ones that students repeat over and over again. The reason students repeat the same answers over and over again are because most questions are written to be answered by those same answers.

“Over the years in youth ministry, I feel like the Sunday School answers have changed. The go-to Sunday School answer over the past several years has seemed to morph into “God’s glory.” While I’m all about God being glorified, I believe that the vintage Sunday School answer better clarifies and personifies God’s glory: JESUS CHRIST.”

I want to share with you many reasons why I believe we should get back to the Sunday School answer of “Jesus.” But first, I want you to know that I believe not only every Sunday school answer, but also every lesson, sermon, study, devotion, event, and trip should ultimately culminate in Jesus. Jesus should be the reason and the motivation for everything we say and we do.

“I am certainly not a Jesus-only student pastor, but I am Jesus-always!”

Here are 10 reasons why I believe we need to get back to Jesus as the Sunday School answer.  Continue reading

How to Take Your Students Deep without Drowning Them


One of my favorite trips I ever took with my family while growing up was a weekend to Six Flags and White Water in Atlanta, GA. One year, my parents let my sister and I both bring a friend on this annual weekend of adventure. I chose from my group of friends very wisely because I wanted to make sure to have the most fun possible. So, I picked my buddy, Brandon. But before my decision was final, I had one last interview question for him: “Can you swim?” I asked because I didn’t want Brandon slowing me down! I had big plans for White Water’s slides, diving pool, but especially the wave pool. Brandon’s answers was, “Like a fish.”

I will never forget jumping into the deep end of the wave pool as soon as we got to White Water. Brandon jumped in right after me. I watched him sink “like a rock” to the bottom…where he stayed. Life guards began blowing whistles, they shut the waves down, and a fleet jumped into save my fish-less friend.

“Like a wave pool, if you shove your students into the deep end too quickly, they will drown!”


Throwback: How to get the most from your Old Testament Devotions (Genesis 4 – 11)

Throwback – 4 – Humanity – Genesis 4-11

Throwback – 4 – OT Devos – Genesis 4-11 (keynote)

I believe its not only important to preach/teach Biblically and Gospel-centeredly, but its also important to preach/teach strategically. For example, we just started releasing passages for daily devotions to our students. This sermon in our Genesis series not only teaches them Genesis 4-11, but it also strategically teaches students how to get the most out of their Old Testament devotions.


You Asked For It: CBSM Summer Series

CBSM, since we’re finishing up our 5+ year long series through the Bible, this summer we want you to come up with the sermon topics. What would you like to hear about? What questions do you have? What have you always wondered about? What do you want to hear discussed? We’ll pick up the 9 most requested topics. Have all your answers in by Wednesday, May 22. I want you to email, tweet, text, or Facebook me your suggestions. Here are a few topics to help you brainstorm (pick one of these or email in your own):

– How can I best study the Bible daily?
– What is the best way to pray?
– What does a Christian need to know about homosexuality?
– What kind of music should I be listening to?
– What is the best way to witness to my friends?
– How do I know God’s will for my life?
– How do I know for sure if I’m saved?
– Should I forgive someone who really hurt me?
– What does God think about me after I’ve really messed up?
– How am I supposed to know who God wants me to date and marry?
– How am I supposed to know what I need to do with my life?
– How do I keep my friends but witness to them at the same time?
Those are just some sample questions. Feel free to request those or absolutely anything else. Again, we’ll pick up to the 9 most popular questions. You can text, tweet, facebook message, email, or walk up and tell me your suggestions!

The End: Great Tribulation and Anti-Christ? (Revelation 6-18)

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4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (netma).pdf
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (handout).pdf
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (ppt).ppt
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (notes).pdf
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (commentary).pdf
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (service flow).pdf
4 – The End – Tribulation AntiChrist (small groups).pdf
What is the Great Tribulation? When does it happen? Who goest through it? Why does God do it? What happens during it? Who is the Anti-Christ? What about the False Prophet? What’s up with the Great Prostitute?

I Love My Church: Because We Don’t Listen To Creepers (Jude)

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (audio).mp3
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (netma).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (handout).pdf12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (ppt).ppt
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (notes).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (service flow).pdf
12 – ILMC – Jude – Creepers (small groups).pdf
Being the brother of Jesus, Jude seems like he would be Mr. Nice Guy. But when you read his book, you’ll see he gets serious with some straight up real talk to his readers about avoiding false teachers and living for Jesus. Jude does not play around when it comes to sin. He warns Christians about judgment, and calls them out on the carpet! You’ll definitely love this study. Let us know your thoughts!

I Love My Church: Because We Hate Our Pride (3 John)

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (audio).mp3
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (netma).pdf
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (handout).pdf
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (notes).pdf
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (ppt).ppt
11 – ILMC – 3 John – Pride (service flow).pdf
Michael Harris was saved in CBSM as a 7th grader, baptized and called into the pastoral ministry as an 8th grader. It has been incredible to watch Michael grow in the grace and gospel of Jesus over the last 5 years. Michael’s knowledge, faith, worship, and life has obviously deepened as he’s matured. Michael preached for our KTL month last year, and this is just an incredible sermon from the book of 3 John that concludes Michael’s senior year so well. I’m so thankful to have been his youth pastor, and I know God will use him greatly in ministry!

I Love My Church: Because We Love Legit Salvation (1 John)

9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (audio).mp3
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (netma).pdf
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (handout).pdf
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (notes).pdf
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (ppt).ppt
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (service flow).pdf
9 – ILMC – 1 John – Salvation (small groups).pdf
I’ve always heard that Christian teenagers have two main questions: How do I know if I’m really saved? And, what is God’s will for my life? This study is designed to put the first question to rest and offer assurance. As their youth pastor, I really wanted to teach this in a non-confrontational, non-emotional, and non-freaky-scary way. I’ve seen too many pastors make people doubt their salvation, so I wanted to just present the facts and let the Spirit do the work. Once you take a look or a listen, let me know what you think!

Belize Mission Trip: CBSM Seniors Only (July 20-27)


Trip Blurb:
Our BELIZE Mission Trip is for CBSM graduating seniors only. The purpose of this trip is to globally train our graduating seniors who we are sending out into the world with the gospel. We want to put the finishing touches on their lives regarding evangelism training, a missions mindset, and a passion for the gospel of Jesus. These students will be heavily challenged to share the gospel, serve others, and humble themselves.

Trip Info:
DATES: July 20-27
WHO: Students currently in the 12th grade
COST: Total Cost TBD ($1,000 – $1,700). We will get it as low as possible!
PAYMENTS: 1st: 27 Feb $300. 2nd: 27 Mar $300. 3rd: 1 May $300. 4th: 5 June Remainder.
MTG DATES: Feb 20 with Parents. Mar 6 with Students. July 14 with Parents. More TBD.

Trip Downloads:
Belize Application.pdf
2013 Medical Release Form.pdf