Seminary and Student Ministry (part 7): the issue of speaking in TONGUES

speaking-in-tonguesFree file for youth pastors:

Paper: “To Speak or Not to Speak: The Issue of Tongues Today”

Teenagers are always asking me what I think about the issue of “speaking in tongues.”  I really think that they are fascinated with the whole concept.  What if the Spirit really does take control of our mouthes and help us to speak only His words.  Of course they are fascinated.  I am fascinated with the concept!  Getting to speak another language without even knowing it.  Getting to speak “babble” as worship to God with words that aren’t understood.  Getting to share the gospel with someone of another culture and they hear it in their own language.  Having someome stand up in church, speak in tongues, and then someone else interpretting it as direct words from God.  THAT IS FASCINATING!  But is it true?  Is that what God through the Holy Spirit still does.  Continue reading

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 4): The importance of preaching SALVATION in student ministry

salvationFree file for youth pastors:

Paper: “A Biblically Sufficient Doctrine of Conversion: What Must I Do To Be Saved?”

I heard it again last night.  One of the most popular youth speakers in America asked everyone to bow their heads, close their eyes, and repeat after him.  Then his prayer went a little something like this: “Dear Jesus.  I believe in you.  Please forgive me.  Please come into my life.  Please save me.  Please fill me. I love you.  Thank you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.”  So what do you think?  Is that an sufficient prayer for salvation?  What elements of the gospel do you believe are non-negotiable for salvation?  What do you say to lead a teen to Christ?  Well, wouldn’t ya know?  I wrote a paper about it in seminary.  I really hope this is helpful to your ministry, and that God blesses your ministry with tons of genuine conversions to Christ!

Paper: “A Biblically Sufficient Doctrine of Conversion: What Must I Do To Be Saved?” Continue reading

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 3): The importance of teaching on GENDER in student ministry

genderFree file for youth pastors:


Homosexuality, feminism, and men who want to just sit on the couch and eat potato chips when they get home from work – these are all signs of one of Satan’s strongest attacks against Christ. We are seeing this in student ministry more and more.  Students who are struggling with homosexuality or are tolerant to friends who are, students who are in relationships and the female is the leader, and Christian schools who allows the girls to be class presidents are just a few examples of how we are retreating the truth from Satan’s attack. Continue reading

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 2): The importance of teaching on CHRIST in student ministry

1-luke-24-christocentrismFree file for youth pastors:

“The Integrative Motif of all of Scripture: What is the first and final thought of God?”

The absolute most important truth I learned in seminary was the integrative motif to all systematic theology.  “What the heck is that, and what in the world would it have to do with student ministry?”  I’m glad you asked!  Our integrative motif is that central theme that we constantly teach, we constantly come back to, and we try to hammer into the teens heads every time we stand up to speak. Here are a couple things about an integrative motif: Continue reading

I Rocked The Vote: Sanctity and the Sword

Rock The VoteThat’s right.  I rocked the vote!  I voted based on biblical principles: sanctity and the sword.  I believe the two most biblically important issues with this years election is the sanctity of human life (abortion) and which candidate would wield the sword best (justice – Romans 13).  America desperately needs a man in office who isn’t about his personal agenda, fame, or the game of politics…but who is about the principles that God has set in place.

No matter what happens in the returns tonight, we must be the church more so than we must be Americans.  Remember, God doesn’t place the kings into position to be pastors or theocrats.  God puts them in position for morality and justice.  The state fights for those, but the church fights for truth.  Even if the less godly man gets into office…its still the churches job to preach the kingdom of Christ (not the country of America) and to proclaim the Truth of Scripture (not so much the constitution).  Which candidate will help us to be the church more?  Probably the one who looks like Christ the least. Continue reading