sermon intro video: “Apps for iWorship” the book of Psalms

CBSM media master, Andrew, spits out another phenomenal sermon intro video…this time for our series on the book of Psalms.  The song you here in the back ground is done by CBSM worship leader, Jason.  Now that’s what’s up!

CBSM Weekly Announcements

CBSM students, parents, and leaders:
We’re coming off of one SUPER AWESOME Sunday as we had over 1000 with us for Easter worshipping Jesus all together. Many were saved. Several were baptized. And Jesus got all the glory! I’m crazy pumped about this Wednesday as we start the book of Job which is all about going through hard times, being afflicted, suffering, and remaining faithful to God. Continue to do a great job of bringing all your friends, but especially think of those that may be hurting, going through hard times, and have many questions about God in it. Remember your BASIC and ADVANCE second deposits are due this Sunday as well. Check below for details!

NETMA is attached for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the Reading Plan for this week.
NETMA 4.4.10 (pdf)

Here’s what you need to know for this week…

STORYLINE Wednesday Worship (6:00 – 8:00pm)
This Wednesday we’ll kick-off a brand spanking new series on the book of Job called “Affliction”. I just saw the Clash of the Titans movie, so we’ll probably talk about it as it relates to Job…a crazy comparison! We’ll have pizza for sale for just $1 a slice as always. We’ll continue on with our “minute to win it” games. And of course we’ll have some intense worship all throughout the night…as always! Bring all your unchurched/unsaved friends…especially reach out to those who are hurting from suffering and bring them! Continue reading

cbsm sermon video: “doctrine of providence – what is God’s will for my life?”

This second sermon in our Doctrine of Providence series was our attempt to answer the questions: What is God’s will for MY life? Are there different senses of God’s will? Can I know God’s will for my life? How can I do exactly what God wants me to do with my life?

ktl 2010 – 09 – preaching with Intros, Conclusions, and Problems for your text

Free file for youth pastors:

KTL 09 – Preaching Intros Conclusions and Problems for Your Passage (mp3)

This was our last “in class” KTL session.  We spent the first part of the class hearing from the four guys who are preaching the Job passages.  With them, we went over their passages truth statement, how it points to Christ, New Testament correlated reference, application statement, and main sermon illustration.

I taught the students on how to introduce, show the audience their need to listen, and conclude their sermon…during the 2nd half of the class.  Introductions are absolutely critical to engaging your audience, arresting their attention, and keeping their attention.  Many times people use introductions as a way to introduce the topic they’re preaching that morning.  I rather like to use an introduction story to introduce the first main thought in the passage I’m preaching.  I feel like if we’re just introducing a topic, then people automatically assume that we’re preaching a topic.  But if we introduce the first major thought of the passage we’re preaching, then they will be encouraged that we’re preaching God’s Word and not just some topic on life.  Introductions should always be a story…and a personal story if at all possible.  In the introduction of your sermon, you want to start off with a story that would connect with their world (from your personal life), then you’ll lead them to the Word, and then the end of the sermon is leaving them back in their world.  Introductions should be engaging, somewhat shocking, humorous, and absolutely attention getting.  Introductions should usually only last around 20% of the total sermon time.   Continue reading

iTunes CBSM Podcasts

We’re starting to post all of our sermons and lessons on iTunes podcasts.  All you have to do is put “cbsm podcasts” in the search bar of the iTunes store, and it should take you right to us!  You can easily download any or all of our storyline and framework mp3’s there.

YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #3 – “What’s Your Ministry?” (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

yougotskills-blog-pic1Free files for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (mp3)

You Got Skills – 3 – Whats Your Ministry (fillout sheet)

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (ppt)

Before we move forward, lets review exactly what these spiritual gifts are. What good will it do us if we move forward while forgetting what we’ve learned so far? Lesson 1 – Spiritual gifts include our passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that were once used for Satan’s kingdom. Jesus Christ our King has plundered that evil kingdom, rescued our gifts, and now we can use them for His kingdom! Lesson 2 – God has recorded many spiritual gifts in His Word, but not all of them are found there. He just gave us an idea to understand what they are and what some of them are. Our spiritual gifts can include many different abilities that Jesus has given us to use for His glory in the church. Looking at our spiritual SHAPE is very helpful. Now moving on… Continue reading

cbsm, version 2.9: a new year of ministry!

20092008 is so last year!  It was an amazing year filled with many student salvations, baptisms, spiritual growth, powerful events, effective worship services, enlightening small groups, connecting fellowships, student building renovations, Sunday school small group wing creation, and oh so much more.

I’m totally stoked about 2009.  This year we get to kick off a lot of new stuff.  We’re planning on going to the Give Me An Answer Conference for high schoolers at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  I can’t wait for my students to learn more about Christ from some of the top theologial professors in the world!  We’re planning on adding a new mission trip this year designed just for our juniors, seniors, and 2009 graduates.  We’re wanting to upgrade our student building with some awesome lighting looks and effects.  We’ll probably preach from Deuteronomy through 2 Samuel or so.  Hopefully we’ll teach the doctrines of God, the Holy Spirit, and Providence.  Continue reading

Chip, version 2.9: Reconsidering Resolutions in 2009

new-years-resolutionsI’m never much on New Years resolutions, honestly.  I believe that I need to be making serious changes in my life all year-round.  Plus, I’m sure that I’m like everyone else who has made resolutions before and totally not following through with them by like the third week of January.  Just today I thought to myself that I need to do better in 2009 about my eating…that I needed to eat more chicken and fish rather than steak.  Then when I get to Logan’s for lunch…I almost got a steak…ON JANUARY 1ST!  The very first day!!!  I’m hopeless! Continue reading

Book Study: “The Grace and Truth Paradox” (chapters 1 & 2)

grace-and-truth-paradoxFree file for youth pastors:

The Grace and Truth Paradox (chapter 1 and 2 discussion)

I don’t want my students to be either a bunch of theoogical egg-heads or a group of jerks walking around and debating theology.  I so desire them to be like Christ.  I want them to be full of grace and truth just like Jesus is (John 1:14).  I want my students to be able to love a Mormon, to give to an Atheist, to help a Muslim, etc.  At the same time, I want my students to defend the truths of Scripture, the proclaim the gospel, and to be willing to die for Christ.  I pray for them to be full of grace and truth like Jesus.  Continue reading

Christmas Par-tay: “So, what’d yall do for Christmas?”

christmaspar-tay2“So, what’d you do for Christmas?”  That is a very common question among pastors to students.  I love asking my other student pastor buddies that because they give me such good ideas.  I’m so not creative.  This year, I thought I’d tell the cyber-youth ministry world what we did just to get all the creative juices flowing.

Last Christmas was my first Christmas here.  We had all the student ministry meet at a neighborhood clubhouse (about 5 miles away), and we Christmas caroled throughout the neighborhood.  This year, we did a very similar event, but with a serious twist.  You won’t believe the brilliance!  We actually held the event at our church (GASP!) and used it to make an impact in our immediate community (WHAT?).  Yeah, isn’t that crazy?  Haha, but seriously…we did all meet in our student building at 6pm.  At 6:30 we sent out three groups (7-8th, 9-10th, and 11-12th grades) to hit up three of the closes neighborhoods to the church.  We drove-up, we caroled, we gave them Christmas cards with our best CHRISTmas wishes and our church information, and we left alone.  We didn’t even prank them (some of youth pastors need to hear that as a word from the Lord).  Continue reading