5 Things Every CBSM Parent and Student Needs to Know for the Fall Semester

Hey CBSM Parents, Students, and Stalkers!

Here are 5 quick things all yall need to know about CBSM this fall and for the rest of the semester!

1. Small Groups this Sunday AM. Yes, we are kicking off our brand new small group semester tomorrow morning! All of our 6th – 12th graders are invited to attend at the 9am or 10:30am hour starting with announcements all together in the student building. We have small groups for everyone at both hours. CBSM teens, please plan to bring a drink or breakfast snack for your small group to share. Scroll down to find more info on this below.

2. Student Ministry Teams this Sunday PM. We want all of our students to come back this Sunday night at 6:30pm to join one of our “SMT’s”. At 6:30pm in the student building, I will teach our students really quick on how to discover their own personal spiritual giftedness, then we will announce the student ministry teams for the semester, and then they can pick their own student ministry team to serve on for the semester. Scroll down to find more info on this below.

3. Combined Worship Service this Wednesday PM. We have decided to combine our middle and high school ministries back together for Wednesday night worship services over the fall semester. This Wednesday we will kick it all off with a free cookout for all 6th – 12th graders from 6:00 – 6:25pm. We will crank up our combined worship service at 6:30pm, and there I will explain what all we have in store for our upcoming fall semester!

4. Back 2 School Bash: Wed, August 29, 2012. Our B2SB is one of the biggest events we do all year. The purpose is to bring as many teenagers as possible to CBSM at one time. We want to introduce them to Jesus, the gospel, CBSM, and Capshaw. So from 4:30 – 9:30 on Wednesday, Aug 29, we’re bringing in tons of games, inflatables, cooking up a on of food, throwing a crazy service, and ending it out with an awesome chill time together till 9:30pm. We want your students there bringing their friends with them! Scroll down to find more info on this below.

5. FTL Leadership Traning. FTL stands for Follow The Leader. This leadership training class is for our high school students who want to grow deeper and go farther in their leadership. So it is for 9th – 12th grade students and it will be offered on Sunday nights from 7:30 – 9:00pm. We will be reading “Gospel-Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan Dodson, and the books will be provided for the students. The required application and more information can be found here: https://youthgrouptruth.com/2012/08/18/ftl-fall-2012-cbsm-leadership-training-group/

I hope ALLLLL of this information helps you keep everything straight as we kick off our best semester yet in CBSM!

Only by His grace,
Pastor Chip

CBSM Promotion Sunday: August 19th

CBSM’s Promotion Sunday will be this Sunday, August 19th.
All of our students will move up into their new small groups with new small group leaders to disciple and mentor them starting this Sunday! This is the perfect Sunday to get involved. All our our new small group students will get to know their new small group leaders, eat some breakfast together, meet all of the other teens in their small groups, and even set some personal/spiritual goals for this year.

Our upcoming 6th graders will finally join us for our CBSM worship services, small groups, SMT’s, and events starting this Sunday!

Our new SMT’s (Student Ministry Teams) will begin this Sunday night at 6:30pm!

Our new combined worship service for both middle and high schoolers on Wednesday nights will start next week!
I could not be more excited about all that God has in store this upcoming school year for CBSM!
2012 Small Groups Start Leaders Letter

New CBSM Middle School and High School Ministries

I literally can barely believe this is happening! God has grown our student ministry to the point that we don’t have any other choice. We absolutely have to go to 2 ministries within CBSM. Our events, worship services, etc. have gotten too big to handle. So now, we are having to move to 2 ministries so that we can specialize in each age group. That’s right…its time for CBSM Middle School and High School Ministries. Oh, and by the way, we’re not dividing or splitting up these ministries. But we are multiplying into these two ministries. That’s key wording for this awesome move of God! Here’s how its going to breakdown.

Middle School (6th – 8th Grades):
Beginning August 7th: Small Groups at both 9:00am and 10:30am on Sunday mornings.
Beginning August 14th: Worship Service at 6:30-7:45pm on Sunday nights.
Beginning August 14th: SMT’s (Student Ministry Teams) at 6:30-7:45pm on Wednesday nights.
BACK TO SCHOOL BASH: Sun, August 21st! 4 – 6pm: Tons of Inflatable Games, Food, Etc. 6:30 – 8:00pm: Epic Worship Service.

High School (9th – 12th Grades):
Beginning August 7th: Small Groups at both 9:00am and 10:30am on Sunday mornings.
Beginning August 14th: SMT’s (Student Ministry Teams) at 6:30-7:45 on Sunday nights.
Beginning August 17th: Worship Service at 6:30-8:00pm on Wednesday nights.
BACK TO SCHOOL BASH: Wed, August 24th! 6-7:30pm: Epic Worship Service. 7:30-10pm: Bonfire, Food, Chillin with Friends.

So there you go. There’s our breakdown. We can’t wait to see everything that God is going to do in our lives, ministry, and church through this growth. Keep focused on Jesus through all this, reach the lost, invite the unchurched, and lets attack hell with the truth of the gospel!

CBSM Beach Camp 2010: May 31 – June 5

Parent and Student Downloads:
Beach Camp Registration Card (pdf)
2010 Medical Release Form
Beach Camp Important Parent Letter Info

Beach Camp Important Parent Letter Info 2

CBSM has a new camp scene this summer…we’re hitting up the BEACH!  We’ll leave Monday, May 31 and return Saturday, June 5.  We’ll be staying at the Gulf Shores Beach Retreat.  We’ll be doing mission projects in the mornings, beach and pool in the afternoons, and worship services at night.  We’ll have plenty of adult supervision going with us, and we have 72 spots open for CBSM middle schoolers, high schoolders, and their friends.  Our speaker will be Josh Malone and our worship leader will be Tim Harvey.  We want every student possible and their friends to come with us on this unforgettable and life-changing trip.

More info: The way to save your spot for this trip is to hand in your filled out registration card with a $150 check for the initial non-refundable deposit by Sunday, March 28th.  Originally we said that we’ll only take Capshaw Baptist registrations first, but we changed our mind!  So registration is open to all 7th – 12th grade students of CBSM and their friends.  Your remaining balance of $175 will be due Sunday, May 16.