How we do FCA, First Priority, and other School Groups

While I’ve been involved in several FCA’s, First Priority’s, and many other school groups, I’ve always racked my brain on the best way to do them. What’s the most biblical? What is their ultimate purpose? By no means am I saying that I think I have the only way whatsoever! I’m just saying that this is the way God has led me to do it, it makes the most sense to me, and its the most effective.

1. The purpose of these school groups are ultimately for the GOSPEL! I personally don’t think its the best idea to just have another Bible study for these teens early on whatever morning during the week, to give them a few helpful hints for their Christian lives, and to send them on their way for the day. They should be having their own Bible study at home, and also hearing multiple Bible lessons each week at church! These students are entering into a wicked gauntlet of worldliness called the halls of high school. They are going through more than we ever did and could ever imagine. They don’t need helpful hints…they need to hear the power of Jesus through the gospel WITHIN them and done THROUGH them! I’ve been in several school groups with 100+ teens who show up early to hear what the speaker has to say…AND NOTHING IS SAID ABOUT JESUS?! Why are we wasting our time and theirs with giving them religious crap? Give them Jesus! Give them the gospel! Put it into action for them! Remind them the power that’s within them! Continue reading

Following Jesus: And Bringing Others With You (Luke 16)

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This is one of the most practical sermons ever at CBSM. Jesus taught this fascinating parable that helps us strategize how to get people to listen to us about the gospel. You won’t believe the type of person that Jesus tells us to be like. Its almost like Jesus forgot to take His meds that day. But we know, Jesus was right on with what He was saying! You also won’t believe that you’ve never heard this parable preached before. Its so simple, profound, and life-changing. You definitely need to check this out, apply it to your life, and then watch the huge things God will do through you because of it.

One Hit Wonders: Tainted Love (Book of Jonah)

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I won’t do any small group questions with this lesson on Jonah. Our small groups this Sunday we be a promotion. All the students are promoting up to their next grade for the new school year. They will be getting new small group leaders and a new small group room. So this Sunday, I want all our small group leaders to focus on getting to know their small group students. I want all our small group students to focus on getting to know each other and their small group leaders.

The book of Jonah rocked my world! Talk about having a tainted love. Jonah had a very skewed view of love for God and for people. Jonah did not want to go and tell Nineveh about God’s forgiving love because Jonah didn’t want God to forgive them. Jonah knew that Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria…who was about to attack the northern kingdom of Israel and send them into exile. How could God forgive His enemies?! Jonah seemed to love God but hate Nineveh. I think our problem is the opposite. It seems to me that we don’t witness because we love people and hate God. Could that be your problem? Check out this study on the book of Jonah, listen to the podcast, and let God rock your world as well. He will use you as a great witness!