CBSM 6 Year Preaching Plan

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CBSM 6 Year Preaching Plan (doc)

I’m considering the possibility of changing up the preaching schedule here at CBSM.  And some people say Baptists never change!  When I came here 2 years ago, I started preaching biblical theology (through the whole Bible) on Wednesday nights and systematic theology (through all Bible doctrine) on Sunday mornings.  Since then, we have stopped teaching systematic theology on Sunday mornings to put more emphasis on discussion, fellowship, and life-application by having our small groups on Sunday morning center around conversations on Wednesday night’s message.  So, for the last year I have been just preaching through biblical theology (the storyline of Scripture). 

I’ve definitely been noticing our lack of systematic theology and doctrine lately.  I do believe that biblical theology is most important as we must understand the unfolding storyline of the work of God, the gospel in all things, and the person and work of Christ as the focus on the Father.  But systematic theology is important to because an understanding of doctrinal truths helps teens interpret the storyline correctly as to how it points us to Christ and applies to our lives.  So as we’re nailing the storyline, I want us to be thinking through systematic theology as well.  Continue reading

You Asked For It, So You’re Gonna Get It!

youaskedforitIf you’re one of our students, you’ve asked for it, so you’re going to get it!  For the rest of you who have no clue what I’m talking about…a couple of Wednesdays ago I gave our students an option of what I would teach them on this Wednesday.

Option 1: Do a Q and A for them on eternity, the New Earth, the Heavens, and whatever else they’re wondering about.

Option 2: Walk them through how we order our sermon/lesson/messages every Wednesday night.

I really would have thought they would choose option 1.  An overwhelming majority voted for option 2.  I love it!  How many student ministries actually WANT to hear how to formulate a sermon, point it to Christ, and then apply it to their lives.  I couldn’t be more impressed with our student ministry!  It has been a huge success to teach our KTL ministry how to structure a sermon from text to Christ to life.  Those guys say that they get far more out of the sermons knowing the why we do what we do.  I’ve had some trusted pastors in the past tell me that they’d rather their sermons be the Space Mountain ride (don’t know what’s coming next) at Disney World rather than the Jungle Cruise (on your left is an elephant, on your right is a crocodile).  Well, I guess I’m going a little more Jungle Cruise this Wednesday.  My prayer is that our students get more insight into the way we do our sermons, that they learn how they can teach the Bible to others, and how they can get even more out of their devotions through this.