CBSM 6 Year Preaching Plan

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CBSM 6 Year Preaching Plan (doc)

I’m considering the possibility of changing up the preaching schedule here at CBSM.  And some people say Baptists never change!  When I came here 2 years ago, I started preaching biblical theology (through the whole Bible) on Wednesday nights and systematic theology (through all Bible doctrine) on Sunday mornings.  Since then, we have stopped teaching systematic theology on Sunday mornings to put more emphasis on discussion, fellowship, and life-application by having our small groups on Sunday morning center around conversations on Wednesday night’s message.  So, for the last year I have been just preaching through biblical theology (the storyline of Scripture). 

I’ve definitely been noticing our lack of systematic theology and doctrine lately.  I do believe that biblical theology is most important as we must understand the unfolding storyline of the work of God, the gospel in all things, and the person and work of Christ as the focus on the Father.  But systematic theology is important to because an understanding of doctrinal truths helps teens interpret the storyline correctly as to how it points us to Christ and applies to our lives.  So as we’re nailing the storyline, I want us to be thinking through systematic theology as well.  Continue reading

Christocentrism: Jesus Christ is the Center of the Pentateuch (and why we do what we do every Wednesday)


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John 5 – Jesus is Center of the Pentateuch (mp3)

John 5 – Jesus is the Center of the Pentateuch (fillout sheet)

John 5 – Jesus is the Center of the Penteteuch (order of service)

John 5 – Jesus is the Center of the Pentateuch (pulpit notes)

John 5 – Jesus is the Center of the Penteteuch (sermon notes)

John 5 – Jesus is the Center of the Pentateuch (ppt)

(This was a special Wednesday night we set aside, we gave our students options, and they chose to hear about how we go about setting up all of our sermons and why we do what we do every Wednesday night.  I get very detailed in the mp3, and I think it would serve as the best example of what we do and why we do it every Wednesday night for our Storyline student worship service.)

We recently finished studying the Pentateuch in our student ministry. Those first five books of the Bible were written by one author, Moses, who covered over 2,500 years of Biblical history. In John 5, Jesus told a group of Jews that it was obvious that they didn’t believe in God the Father or the Scriptures because they didn’t believe in Him (5:37-44). But then Jesus seemed to take it a step deeper by telling them that they don’t even believe in Moses whom their hope is set on because they don’t believe that Moses wrote about Him (5:45-47). Hold the phone. Moses never mentioned the name of Jesus in his writings. Where and how can we find Jesus Christ in the Penteteuch? Continue reading