CBSM Iron Bowl IV: Alabama vs. Auburn Night

There are two kinds of people in Alabama. One kind says says Roll Tide, and the other says War Eagle…and nothing else matters around here when it comes to college football. The last 3 National Championships, 2 of the last 3 Heisman Trophy winners, and 3 of the last SEC Championships have come from either Alabama or Auburn. Needless to say, we aint playin when it comes to college football, yall!

Alabama and Auburn meet up and show down every year in what is called, the Iron Bowl. Every year we like to have our own CBSM Iron Bowl to see who has the best fans in the student ministry. Here’s how we compete:
1. Who brings the most fans to their side (teams sit on opposite sides and even coerce other fans like UT, UGA, and others to their side).
2. Who has the craziest fans. We will play their team’s fight song, and the team that goes the nuttiest wins.
3. Which team’s fans are dressed up the best?
4. Which team has the best dressed fan?
5. Which team member can do the best touchdown dance?
6. Who has the best quarterback? Continue reading

CBSM Series Re-Launch: “Bringing THE CHURCH Back To Life”

CBSM and Friends! We’re going to re-launch our current series as “Bringing THE CHURCH Back to Life.” How are we going to do this? I’m glad you asked!

First of all we’re going to serve a Chips N Salsa Buffet from 6:00 – 6:25pm so yall can come early and hang out. Free drinks too, yall! Then we’re going to be looking at each of the different churches in NT as we look at each NT book as a whole each week. In other words, this Wednesday we’re going to look at the Church at Rome from the whole book of Romans. What was Rome like during that time? What was the church going through? What made Paul write what he wrote? Why did the Holy Spirit have Paul write those specific truths, topics, themes, etc? What does it all mean for our church and our Christian lives today? We want to bring the Church at Rome back to life so that God can continue to bring our church lives and relationships back to life!

So here’s what you do, copy and paste the link of this blog article and put it on your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, Pintrest, and MySpace if you’re still lame enough to have that one! Get the word out. Flood the social media world. Invite and bring friends like never before. Let’s bring our church lives, relationships, and experiences back to life!

CBSM Promo Video: CBSM in 15 Seconds

Here is our new CBSM Promo Video by Tom Radcliff. If you’ve heard of CBSM and wondered who we are, what we look like, or how we roll…this is what you’re looking for. We are a student ministry that loves to have fun, loves to be real, loves to rock it out for Jesus, and loves to be challenged.
Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th Grades): Come check us out on Sunday nights at 6:30pm
High Schoolers (9th – 12th Grades): Come check us out on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm
We are located at the Student Building of Capshaw Baptist Church. 14944 Dupree-Worthey Rd. Harvest, AL.

CBSM: Worship Jesus With Us Wednesdays at 6:30pm

To all the teens in the 256: this is your official invite to come chillin, partay, and worship Jesus with us every Wednesday at 6:30pm. We do start chillin with music, food, and friends around 6:00pm every Wednesday evening. Then our service cranks up at 6:30pm with a crazy video and a hilarious game. Then our CBSM Band gets us going with some rocking worship, and Pastor Chip will give a challenge from God’s Word about how to live your life more for Jesus Christ. We don’t want you to come to CBSM…ALONE…so bring friends with you! See you by 6:30pm, yall. (Awesome CBSM banner by Andrew England)

Don’t know where CBSM is? You can Google map us at Capshaw Baptist Church, 14944 Dupree Worthey Rd. in Harvest, AL 35749. We’re just about a mile north of 72 on Capshaw Rd…just west of Old Railroad Bed…if that means anything to you!

FIREWORKS at the FOWLERS: This Wednesday Night

CBSM, tomorrow night will be HUGE! Our worship service will start at its regular time (6:30pm), and we’ll shorten it up to about an hour. Then we’ll all take off and go over to the Fowler family house (directions available tomorrow night) for a sweet cookout and to shoot some fireworks (we love to prolong holidays by celebrating them 3 days later! ha). Now yall listen up, since last year this night was our highest attended night we had ever had. I’m praying that happens again this year! So yall work hard to invite ALL your friends on FACEBOOK, your text list, etc. EVERYBODY GETS AN INVITE! Continue reading