VBX: How To Make It The Best Week Ever

VBX is one of the weeks that I look forward to the most every year. I’m a youth pastor, but I absolutely love VBX with the upcoming 5th & 6th graders. I’ve even flown home from a high school mission trip and left it to my leaders so that I could do VBX. So I’m telling you…I love it! Why do I love it so much? Let me just try to explain to you the awesomeness of the week: the competition, the excitement, the attendance, the Scripture memorization, the friends brought, the decisions, the salvations, and the spiritual growth! (More downloads for VBX are at the bottom of this post)

When is VBX?
VBX is run during the same time as your VBS.

What is VBX?
VBX is VBS for the two oldest grades who would normally go to VBX. For us, VBX is for those kids going into 5th and 6th grades. VBX is a high energy week that is filled with competition, fun, and deep Bible study. As you play your VBX, you want to prepare for about 7-8 students per team. We normally have 6 teams with 2 teenage team leaders and about 7-8 kids per team. We pick great teen leaders from our youth ministry, prep, train, and equip them to be the best team leaders possible for their VBX team through the week. We like to have all-boy and all-girl teams. The way the competition works out, its anybody’s game and chance to win. Our teams compete through the week by saying Bible verses, bringing Bibles, bringing first-timer-friends, playing games, and getting loud. The winning team of the week is given a gift card to a local restaurant, iTunes, or something like that. This year for us it was a $10 gift card each to Sonic Drive-In.

Why VBX?
We have seen across the country that the older kids get, the less they want to go to VBS. Usually the oldest two grades in VBS are the least attended. We’ve also seen that if you do your VBX right, it can be the highest attended portion of your VBX!

Who is VBX for?
VBX can be for whoever you want it to be. I’ve seen youth pastors do VBX for their youth ministry during VBS week, I’ve seen VBX for middle school, but again we do our VBX for our oldest two grades in VBS: going into 5th and 6th grades.

Where do you do VBX?
I would highly suggest you run your VBX ministry in the best venue your church has. For us, it is our student ministry building. The children’s ministry rarely gets to be in there for anything, so we love to amp up the excitement with the best environment we can possibly offer them that week.

How do you do VBX?
The best way to explain how to do VBX is by showing you the schedule: Continue reading

VBX 2009: Boomerang Express – It All Comes Back To Jesus!

intro slide

Files for VBX leaders:

Daily Powerpoints: VBX Announcement Slides, Day 1 – VBX, Day 2 – VBX, Day 3 – VBX, Day 4 – VBX, Day 5 – VBX, VBX Blank Slides for Edit

Daily Handouts: 1 – VBX Sermon Handout, 2 – VBX Sermon Handout, 3 – VBX Sermon Handout, 4 – VBX Sermon Handout, 5 – VBX Sermon Handout, VBX Handout (Blank)

Our church just got done with one phenomenal week of Vacation Bible School: Boomerang Express from Lifeway.  I must say: I was very impressed and somewhat shocked when I saw that the motto for the VBS week was “It All Comes Back to Jesus.”  The main lesson that I learned in seminary was how all the Scripture, God is calling us to be Christ-centered.  All of the Old Testament is pointing forward to the person and work of Christ while all of the New Testament is proclaiming the person and work of Christ.  So it was crazy cool to be able to teach that this week to our kids.

I was in charge of the VBX week which was specifically for all the students going into the 6th and 7th grade this fall.  This is the age group that is usally the least attended for VBS’s.  Because that seems to be the case, we have done absolutely everything possible to step-it-up for the tween-agers, seriously hype it, and show them that they are never too cool for Christ.  So in this blog post I’m going to give you the schedule of what we did every day…and how we did it.  And by the way, our VBX usually makes up for about a fourth of the entire VBS attenders, the students LOVE it, and they keep coming back! Continue reading