CBSM Promotion Sunday: August 19th

CBSM’s Promotion Sunday will be this Sunday, August 19th.
All of our students will move up into their new small groups with new small group leaders to disciple and mentor them starting this Sunday! This is the perfect Sunday to get involved. All our our new small group students will get to know their new small group leaders, eat some breakfast together, meet all of the other teens in their small groups, and even set some personal/spiritual goals for this year.

Our upcoming 6th graders will finally join us for our CBSM worship services, small groups, SMT’s, and events starting this Sunday!

Our new SMT’s (Student Ministry Teams) will begin this Sunday night at 6:30pm!

Our new combined worship service for both middle and high schoolers on Wednesday nights will start next week!
I could not be more excited about all that God has in store this upcoming school year for CBSM!
2012 Small Groups Start Leaders Letter