framework #31: the doctrine of general revelation – Is the man on the island INNOCENT of sin?

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Sermon Intro Video: Clips from the movie “Castaway”
Last night was another BEST NIGHT YET! Two words that come to mind to describe last night are: EXCITEMENT and GENUINE. All night long the students were truly pumped up to praise Jesus, and the worship just seemed to be more genuine than ever. So the sermon was on “Is Moti INNOCENT of sin?” This is one of the most prominent answers I get from teenagers who think that Moti goes to heaven when he dies (Moti is a man on a deserted island who has never had contact with any other human being, missionary, etc.). So, does God reveal to Moti the existence of sin? Does Moti know that he is a sinner? How in the world does Moti sin? Is he cussing out the island koala bears? Is he drawing dirty little pictures in the sand? Is he torturing any bird he can get his hands on? This is an important message to understand how the entire world is cursed with sin, and how the only cure for sin is the gospel of Jesus!

framework #30: the doctrine of general revelation – Is the man on the island IGNORANT about God?

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I literally didn’t sleep at all the night before because I was so nervous and excited to start up this series and preach this message on Romans 1. This is a series on the Doctrine of General Revelation which says that God reveals Himself to everyone, everywhere, at all times so that they are held responsible and without excuse. So the question is: say there is a man somehow (HYPOTHETICALLY) born on an island, and now he is 30 years old. He dies tomorrow. He’s never been reached or contacted ever in his life by another human being. No boat, no plane, and no message in a bottle has ever come by. He dies tomorrow. Where does he go? Does God allow him into heaven or send him to hell? How does the Bible answer this question? What is God’s answer? What is your answer? Your answer will tell you so much about what you think about God, Jesus, humanity, sin, salvation, eternity, etc. Check out this mp3 and these notes to learn more about…is MOTI ignorant of God? (Disclaimer: I heard this series by one of my favorite pastors and professors of all time, Dr. Russell D. Moore. I have taken much of his lecture on this, made it my own, used many of his illustrations, and have come to many of his conclusions. So all credit to RDM!)

POSTMODERNISM: Rehashing the Revolution Conference

mpostmodernismMy students came away needing a little more clarification on a session they went to on a postmodern worldview, so I thought this would be the best place to rehash the topic a little more. If you want to ease drop on this conversation between my students and I…feel free.

Alrighty students, so postmodernism…its basically just an alternative worldview which is a major way of thinking and perceiving all things within society. We see postmodernism everywhere. A postmodern worldview is seen in the movies, in music, in politics, in religion, in churches, in classrooms, in friends, etc. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “That may be true for you, but that doesn’t make it true for me”, then you’ve been around someone who has a postmodern worldview and mindset. If you’ve heard someone say that there are no absolute truths, that all religions can be right, and that there is no real basis for right and wrong…then you’d definitely been in the presence of a postmodern. Postmodernism isn’t just some philosophical study, its very popular! Continue reading

Framework #06 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Atonement

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06 – Doc of Christ – Atonement (fillout sheet)

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06 – Doc of Christ – Atonement (sermon notes)

Think back to when Jesus said: “You’re all evil. There’s no hope. That’s it. Thank you.” Well of course you don’t remember Him saying that in the Bible, but if you watched the video above this article you heard “Him” say it. Isn’t it amazing how many Christians don’t spread the gospel? Not sharing is just saying, “You’re all evil and there is no hope for you.” Many believe that Jesus just lists off sins to condemn the world rather than giving His life to save the world. How deeply do we believe in the Father’s forgiveness through Christ’s sacrifice? Continue reading