Following Jesus: And God’s Will For Your Life by David Munoz (Matthew 26-27)

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David Munoz is a CBSM senior and 2012 graduate of Sparkman High School. He’s been at Capshaw Baptist for most of his life. He plans to attend Auburn University and study business management. If you get to listen to or watch his sermon, you’ll notice that he’s a naturally gifted preacher of God’s Word. He’s been preaching once a year in CBSM since he was sophomore. I absolutely loved this sermon by David. Every year I like to give him HUGE chunks of Scripture to preach. This year was no different as he had a lot to tackle from the betrayal, garden prayer, arrest, and trial of Jesus. It was a very powerful, convicting, and Christ-centered sermon. Definitely take the opportunity to check it out if you get a chance!

Sports Journalism and Jesus

I just gotta brag on one of our college students, Jason Galloway.  Jason has been at our church longer than I have I believe.  He’s now a student at the University of Alabama in the journalism department.  I sin with jealousy because of Jason since he gets in free to every University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) game to write reviews, summaries, columns, etc.  From what I understand, Jason was just awarded with the top journalism award in the SEC in the genre of sports journalism.  I need to get this kid to write some sermons for me!  Anyways, I’m most proud of him because of his faith in Christ.  He loves Christ.  He just went with us a conference in Louisville, KY on the doctrine of divine revelation.  He writes a bi-weekly column in the “Crimson and White” distributed at the Univ of Alabama…and he uses this opportunity to share Christ.  Here’s his latest (and first) column of the series.

You can also check it out online at (

Remaining faithful through hardship

By Jason Galloway on February 11th, 2010 in Columns, Opinion

As a journalism major, I’ve always been told that hardship makes for the best story. And although a newspaper article does benefit from emotion, those affected by it do not.

I have always known this, but recently have found more truth in it than ever, so I felt this was as good a topic as any to write my first column on.

As a Christian, how does one deal with things like the death of someone close or the divorce of one’s parents, when it feels like God is out to get you or that he has forgotten all about you?   Continue reading