Throwback: How to get the most from your Old Testament Devotions (Genesis 4 – 11)

Throwback – 4 – Humanity – Genesis 4-11

Throwback – 4 – OT Devos – Genesis 4-11 (keynote)

I believe its not only important to preach/teach Biblically and Gospel-centeredly, but its also important to preach/teach strategically. For example, we just started releasing passages for daily devotions to our students. This sermon in our Genesis series not only teaches them Genesis 4-11, but it also strategically teaches students how to get the most out of their Old Testament devotions.


Storyline #06 – Genesis 10-11 – Tearing the Tower Down…Brick by Brick

Free files for fellow youth pastors:

06 – Genesis 10-11 – Tower of Babel (mp3)

06 – Genesis 10-11 – Tower of Babel (ppt)

06 – Genesis 10-11 – Tower of Babel (handout)

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