TRAFFICKED: CBSM Against Teenage Trafficking

You’ve most likely seen the movie “Taken” before. If not, is a powerful movie of an American, teenage girl getting kidnapped in Paris by a sex and drug trafficking ring. It has come to our attention that there are numerous teenagers living in our area (Huntsville, AL) that have been trafficked to here. We have been informed that they have been moved here from American cities and foreign countries for the purposes of sex and drug trafficking. We want to do whatever we can to stop it, prevent it, and minister to those teens who have been involved in it. This Saturday at 11am, we are going to hear from Lynn Caffery who is running “The Studio” in Huntsville that reaches out to these teens. We are looking forward to hearing her story, vision, ministry, and heart. You are more than welcome to join us in our student building at 11am for this urgent ministry.

Here’s the letter we sent our CBSM parents concerning this opportunity:
Teen Trafficking Parents Letter.doc