The Shack: a theologically twisted view of the Trinity

shackI’ve honestly been meaning to write this blog forever now. I went through this book a couple of months ago, and wrote down several notes on it, so it has remained very fresh. The reason I read the book is because it has taken both the country and the Christians by storm! I’ve had fellow youth pastors rave about the book, teenagers ask about it, and church members inquire concerning it as well. Previously, all I had done was listen to other pastors comment on it. Pastor Mark Driscoll (youtube search line: mark driscoll on the shack) did an amazing seven minute blurb on the book. I’m sure I’ll sound a little like him in this article. But I decided to go through it myself. In fact, if you’re wondering my thoughts on whether or not you should read it…I would say definitely don’t. The book is so clever and well written, I’m not sure if I even picked out all of the heresy because of how engaging it is. But what heresy I did pick out, it was gross enough to give me a life long mission to steer everyone away from the book. Here are my thoughts:

First of all, the main comment I hear about The Shack is, “I understand the Trinity so much better now.” To that my answer is always, “No, you understand William P. Young’s view of the Trinity better now.” The biblical theology of this book is…atrocious, horrendous, and downright freaks me out if people are falling for it and don’t know any better. Here are some examples… Continue reading

ARE YOU NUTS?: Critiquing the Controversial

So many books right now are out that are biblical (spiritual) that the world seems to be reading.  They are super controversial in the conservative-theological world.  I’ve always wanted to read them, never could find the time, but would find myself in conversations about them all the time.  I kept doing something I never really wanted to do…I’d debate on the validity of these works without reading them.  All I had to go off of was what I heard – and you know that doesn’t hold a drop of water with the readers!  So I’ve found a way to get into them…audio books on my ipod touch!  In the last week I’ve gotten to go through “The Shack” by William P. Young and “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller.  I’m finally finding time to go through these books that are sweeping and swarming the world spiritually…but may not be full of the truth that they claim.  So over the next few days I want to write a couple blogs on what I’ve learned and found in these books that are true and that are dangerous.  So stay tuned…same blog time, same blog channel.

Framework #23 – “Doctrine of God: God is Three”

04-doc-of-god-god-is-three-blog-pic Free files for youth pastors:

04 – Doc of God – God is Three (fillout sheet)

04 – Doc of God – God is Three (ppt)

04 – Doc of God – God is Three (mp3)

“Have your read The Shack yet?” That is a question running rampant in both Christian and non-Christian circles today. The Shack is a book written to help people understand one of the deepest doctrines of all Scripture: the Trinity. With millions reading this book, we are seeing a begging and pleading from people to know God better. Continue reading