TEXTimonies: text-messaged testimonies from our Back 2 School Bash

B2SB 09bThank you all for praying for our Back 2 School Bash!  The plan was to get as many teenagers as possible to come and be a part of this so that we could give them a free event to show them how much we love them, and to introduce them to Jesus or encourage them in Him. 

To be totally honest with you, I was somewhat depressed when we only had about 75 middle schoolers show up to play on the inflatables and 75 highschoolers show up for the pool part.  We were expecting about double that.  Don’t get me wrong…I was so glad that each of those students came, and I was so proud of all of our CBSM students inviting their friends.  We were just expecting many more.

Well, God totally turned the tables on me.  We had pretty much every student and more come to our worship service that evening from 6 – 8pm.  The room filled up with 150 students and the excitement was thick.  We kicked it off with a video and a game just like every Wednesday night because we wanted to show them exactly who we are and what we do every week.  The point of this whole event was to point them to Christ and to show them how much fun we have worshipping Him every Wednesday night as a student ministry! 

From the first verse of the first praise and worship song, we knew it was going to be a special night.  By the second or third song, nearly every hand was raised toward heaven and every voice was nearly screaming praise, honor, and worship to Jesus.  God was gracious enough to let me preach for 45 minutes to these students, and they all attentively listened with respect to God’s Word.  We sang two last songs and the students totally blew the roof off the place as they were shouting praises to Jesus!  Not only were we instantly encouraged in how much God used the night to glorify His Son, but text messages quickly started blowing my phone up.  I just wanted to share with you a few that will bless your socks off….just to hear what God did through our amazing night of worship at our Back to School Bash:   Continue reading