Storyline #38: Joshua 23-24 “Rock the Choice: What we’ll be doing in the eternal promise land”

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4 – Joshua 23-24 – Choice (mp3)

4 – Joshua 23-24 – Choice (fillout sheet)

4 – Joshua 23-24 – Choice (sermon notes)

4 – Joshua 23-24 – Choice (ppt)

4 – Joshua 23-24 – Choice (order of service)

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Worshipping Jesus is awesome! On this Wednesday night we took away most of our big band and just boiled it down to about four on stage leading us to worship Christ. Those that truly worshipped Christ loved every second of it…I guarantee! Those that didn’t worship Him were frustrated and empty…I promise! But worship doesn’t leave us with good feelings all the time. I remember our Wednesday night worship last week just felt flat and dead. I think sometimes God allows us to feel that way to make sure that we’re not worshipping emotion…like a drug, but that we’re worshipping Christ no matter what! There is honestly nothing better though than worshipping Jesus with your life. When I’m not truly worshipping Him, I’m miserable. When I am truly worshipping Him, I have such an inner peace and joy. I remember being on a mission trip with one other friend to Africa. It was the most amazing week of my life! I got to preach about 5 times in different places, and I got to disciple some teens. If God would have let me, I so would have stayed there to be their youth pastor at the orphanage I was at. And isn’t that everyone’s greatest fear? “I can’t follow God, He might send me to Africa!” Continue reading