Storyline #27: Numbers 13-14 “Espionage: Spying on Your Eternity”

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27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Sermon Notes)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Scripture Study)

His mom walks in the room and says that it’s finally time to start packing for their week-long vacation and that they are leaving in the morning. While most teenage boys would throw everything they own into an overstuffed suitcase, this one looks at his mom and tells her he doesn’t want to go.  “What do you mean you don’t want to go?  You don’t even like it here at home.”  That was true as he was having a real struggle liking, loving, obeying, and living with his family.  Even with his own bedroom, a screened-in underground pool, a Wii, etc, he even hated his house.  Refusing to pack, he ran away from home that night and was found by a Sheriff.  Finally on the way to vacation the next day, he jumped out of the moving vehicle to make a statement: “I’m not going!”


            If you think this sounds rebellious and backwards, this situation is only a hint of what Israel is doing to God at this point in Numbers 13 – 14. Continue reading