10 Steps for Students from Godly Attraction, to a Godly Relationship, to a Godly Marriage

1. Attraction: Be attracted to godly opposite sex only. The best way to be more attracted to a godly person of the opposite sex is to love Jesus more. The more you grow in your love for Christ, the more you will want to worship, serve, and obey Him. The more you want to worship, serve, and obey Christ…the more you will want to be with someone who shares your love for Him. Don’t waste your time with those who don’t love Christ, who don’t love the church, and who don’t love His Word.

2. Ask Out: Guys, ask the girl out. Ladies, don’t be the one who asks the guys out. You can make yourself available to him by simply saying, “If you asked me out, I’d say YES!” If the guy you like doesn’t ask you out, then he either doesn’t like you enough to ask you out, or he isn’t man enough to have you. Guys, ask the girls out from the beginning to establish your spiritual leadership from the get go.

3. Move Slow: It is straight up scary to watch how fast teenagers today get into exclusive relationships. It can be as easy as…I like you. I like you too. Want to be my girlfriend? Sure, thought you’d never ask! Yeah, that’s totally ridiculous. Relationships aren’t about dating, but relationships are about marriage. Start thinking through if you really want to be with this person. Pray through it a lot. Ask God what He wants you to do. Trust Him that He’ll work it out in His time. Get into relationships slowly, prayerfully, and thoughtfully!   Continue reading

CBSM sermon video on Esther 1-2 (For The Love: Way more than Hunks and Hotties)

The audio to the sermon intro video “Fresh Princess” did not come through, so just fast forward to the sermon as the sermon video audio does work. You can scroll down to see and listen to the Esther sermon intro rap video!

Storyline #46: Ruth 4 “All the Single Guys: How to get your Ruth” (Pastor Brandon Edition)

3 - 4Free files for youth pastors:

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (mp3 – pastor brandon)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (brandon notes)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (ppt)

I asked our phenomenal worship pastor to come in and handle this last chapter/sermon on Ruth in our series “The Love Connection.”  I did this for several reasons.  First, the last chapter of Ruth deals a lot with marriage, honeymoon, and having a first kid.  None of which I have ever been a part of!  So I figured he could speak from a little more experience than I.  Secondly, we designed the series to where the last sermon would be  a serious challenge to the guys to be real manly dudes for Jesus.  Brandon is as manly as a dude can get.  The guys hear from me basically every week about how to be a real man who lives for a real King, so I figured it’d be great for them to hear from another dude on how to be this kind of guy.  Lastly, Brandon is not only a phenomenal worship leader, but he’s also a super spiritually gifted preacher of God’s Word.  I want our students to be blessed by his speaking gifts…so this was the perfect opportunity.  I hope you enjoy the mp3, his notes, and more as much as we did when hearing him deliver this spectacular sermon for “All the Single Guys” on “How to get your Ruth.”

Storyline #45: Ruth 3 “All the Single Ladies: How to get your Boaz”

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2 – Ruth 3 – Single Ladies (fillout sheet)

2 – Ruth 3 – Single Laides (mp3)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (sermon notes)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (Service Order)

The biggest criticism I get about my ministry is that I’m not reaching out enough to our girls.  I preach a lot with our guys in mind and hang out with them a lot to make sure they are growing as godly, masculine, and manly kind of guys.  Besides, I’d just be one weird and awkward youth pastor if I spent all that kind of time with the girls!  Throughout church history, the church has always been filled with godly men who lead the church and their families.  But this message is for our ladies to be godly, feminine, and teach them how to get their Boaz.  Guys need to read this to get this kind of girl.  Continue reading

Storyline #44: Ruth 1-2 “Don’t Play the Dating Game”

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1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (mp3)

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (Sermon Notes)

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (Scripture)

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (Service Order)

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (handout)

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Dating Game (ppt)

It’s the greatest love story of all time!  Every time I hear a Christian say that about this movie, it makes me want to vomit…or smack some sense into them (in the name of Jesus of course).  The Notebook is NOT a great love story whatsoever.  The girl falls in love with a boy, gets moved away by her parents, meets another guy and gets engaged to him, meets back up with first boy, gets into a sexual relationship with him, later breaks up with fiancé, and ends up dying with husband (who is first boy) in nursing home.  That is not a great love story, that’s a story of unfaithful cheating to a marriage commitment.

Relationships, dating, and marriage is always on most every teenager’s mind.  They are in search for a great love story to inspire them.  They need a clear, real, and biblical example of a romantic relationship before marriage.  That’s the book of Ruth!

I see 7 helpful hints (truths) regarding a pre-marriage relationship in Ruth 1 – 2.  Continue reading

Storyline #2 – Genesis 1-2 – Being Human Rules!

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Humanity rules! Napoleon Dynamite is a fictional movie character that is known for his jeans tucked into his ski boots, teased and curly red hair, and hilarious movie lines that were adored and quoted by teenagers across our entertainment riddled country. When Napoleon took a liking to something, he brought back one of the ever popular retro sayings by exclaiming something like, “Tater tots rule!” The same can be said for humanity by looking at Genesis.
Is humanity something far more than we’ve thought if we’ve used phrases like: “I can’t help that I’m forgetful, or sinful, or full of mistakes. I’m only human. Gosh!” What does it really mean to be human? How did God originally intend humanity to be and live? If we want to live for God in our skin, bones, eye balls, etc, then we must know what God has commanded from us from the beginning! Please read Genesis 1:26-2:25. Continue reading