Join The Rebellion: Everyone Counts (Numbers 1-10)

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Join The Rebellion – 1 – Everyone Counts – Numbers 1-10 (notes)

Join The Rebellion – 1 – Everyone Counts – Numbers 1-10 (slides)

Join The Rebellion – 2 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (curriculum)

Here are some quotes from this sermon:  Continue reading

Law and Order: FeastFEST (Leviticus 23-27)

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Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23-27 (notes)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (slides)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (curriculum)

The God of the Old Testament is a God who commanded His people to PARTY! In fact, the parties that God designed were ones that called His people to feast and to remember what He’s done and who He is. Each of the Old Testament feasts are fulfilled in the Gospel of Jesus in fascinatingly specific ways.  Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Student’s Memory


I believe our student ministry has experienced a breakthrough in maximizing our students’ ability to remember what we preach and teach.

Let’s be honest. We can spend hours upon hours on studying for sermons and lessons. Then we all have the same haunting questions, “Was it worth it? Will my students remember this stuff? Am I making a difference? Am I wasting my time?”

On one hand, we have to remember that God’s Word is never returned void (Isaiah 55:11). On the other hand, we have to be honest with ourselves by asking, “What are my students actually retaining?”  Continue reading

How To Teach Systematic Theology to Students


Here are my personal thoughts on how to teach Systematic Theology in Student Ministry:

Make sure that Every Lesson, Session, and Doctrine are Fulfilled in Jesus. There is no such thing as biblical truth that does not lead to or center on Jesus. Remember, there were a group of people that taught Bible truths absent of Jesus: the Pharisees. Today there are a huge group of people that continue to teach truths absent of the Gospel: Legalists. Truth is not understood in depth or fulness if it is not connected to Jesus.

Teach Systematic Theology to your whole Student Ministry. Don’t just teach Systematic Theology in a book study or small group study. I highly suggest teaching Systematic Theology to your whole during Wednesday worship service or in Sunday morning Small Groups. I believe every student needs to learn from both Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology. Biblical Theology is the foundation to the best understanding and teaching of Systematic Theology. Some students learn better in narrative (literature, Biblical Theology) while others learn better in logic (mathematics, Systematic Theology). I believe a healthy view of both will help round-out a students theological understanding of Scripture. But also, preaching and teaching Systematic Theology to your whole student ministry will help you be accountable to communicate it with more illustration and application.  Continue reading

Sin <<< Salvation: What do I do for my salvation? (Conversion)

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6 – Sin <<< Salvation – Conversion (mp3).mp3
6 – Sin <<< Salvation – Conversion (handout).pdf
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6 – Sin <<< Salvation – Conversion (notes).doc
6 – Sin <<< Salvation – Conversion (service order).doc
6 – Sin <<< Salvation – Conversion (small groups).doc
What do I do for my salvation? So many people get the gospel wrong, the essentials for salvation wrong, and God’s whole goal of salvation wrongly. I believe there is one essential part of salvation missing in the gospel being presented today that leaves people unsaved…even when they think they are. You can find that out and more in this super important study on conversion, salvation, and the gospel.

Patrick McGoldrick Speaks to CBSM Tonight: May 9

I recently wrote an article and about my good friend and youth ministry mentor, Patrick McGoldrick who has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease):. After he preached one of the most gospel-centered and God-glorifying sermons I’ve ever heard, one of our youth leaders (Dan Munoz) gave me the idea of asking Patrick to come speak for CBSM. Why did I not think of that? I knew it would be a crazy shot in the dark to get Patrick to Alabama with many churches calling him to speak, his important family time, etc. But we offered him the opportunity, and he graciously took us up on it. He said he wants to see CBSM in action, and of course we want to hear his heart as he preaches God’s Word to us.

We are unbelievably honored to have him as our guest preacher in this Wednesday night. We are inviting all our middle school students, high school students, and all their 6th – 12th grade friends to join us in this epic event. This is THE OPPORTUNITY to invite your unbelieving/unchurched friends, or your friends who are having a hard time trusting God as they are going through difficult times. Patrick will be sharing his salvation testimony and encouraging us how we can trust God even when times are really rough.

It is this Wednesday, May 9 @ 6:30pm. Show up early and grab a hotdog for .50 and some other snacks if you need it. Come chill with us early, and worship Jesus with us at 6:30pm. Of course our CBSM band will be rocking out some praise songs as usual!

Following Jesus: As The Prophet (Matthew 4 – 7)

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6 – Following Jesus – Prophet (handout).pdf
6 – Following Jesus – Prophet (ppt).ppt
6 – Following Jesus – Prophet (notes).doc
6 – Following Jesus – Prophet (service order).doc
6 – Following Jesus – Prophet (small groups).doc
In this message we talked all about Kony 2012, the Old Testament Prophets, and Jesus as the Great Prophet. What do they all have in common? Well, not much…except we hammered all 3 of them in this message. Personally, I’m willing to support the Kony 2012 cause. I think its the perfect opportunity for Christians to partner with the world in this important terrorist strike. But at the same time, Christians must remember that the gospel is the cause and not 2012, and Christ is to be made famous even more so than Joseph Kony.

KTL 2012: Training Teens to be Preachers and Teachers

“KTL” is CBSM’s opportunity to training teenagers on how to preach and teach the Word of God. For whatever crazy reason, God has blessed us with teenagers who are called into ministry, guys who are called to be pastors, girls who feel called to be missionaries, and both who feel called to simply teach God’s Word throughout their lives in different settings. This could be Bible studies, Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, or even family devotions at home when they become fathers and mothers. Whatever the calling, we want to equip them to know God’s Word, interpret God’s Word rightly, apply it correctly, and learn how to deliver it for people to hear clearly.

KTL will meet on Sunday nights from 8:00 – 9:30pm. Our main sessions over about 3 months will be how to see Christ clearly in each passage, how to see the gospel centered in each passage, how to discern the main truth from each passage, how to get the main application out of each passage, how to illustrate a lesson well, and how to introduce and conclude when you’re teaching and preaching.

Every study must fill out a KTL application form, turn it in, and be accepted. We will begin this Sunday night at 8:00pm and meet in the student building.
Here is the application form:
KTL SPRING 2012 App and Schedule
Here is what a KTL class session sounds like:
KTL 2011 – 01 – Preaching Christ (mp3)

Angels, Satan, and Demons: Q & A

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6 – Q and A (mp3)
6 – Q & A (small groups).pdf
6 – Q & A (summaries).pdf
6 – Q & A (worship night).pdf
Here is the final installment of our CBSM study on Angels, Satan, and Demons. We finished it all off with a Q & A. Many students texted in their questions. Many wrote them down on paper. And there were even small groups that turned in lists of questions to be asked. It was a really fun night to where I really had to be on my toes. There were questions I had no clue about an answer. There were questions that I had to look up answers. And every question got a biblical basis. Here are some of the questions we got that I took a shot at for an answer:

1. Can Satan read our thoughts?
2. If God is all-knowing, then why did He create Satan in the first place…and allow him to become evil?
3. Do people who go to hell become demons?
4. Can demons materialize and take on human form?
5. Are there such things as guardian angels? If so, is there one for every Christian?
6. Can a Christian be demon possessed?
7. Why did one-third of angels follow Satan instead of doing what they were created to do (worship Jesus)?
8. How was God made?
9. If sin did not enter the world until the fall of Satan, then how did Satan fall if there was no sin?
10. What did I learn most from this series on angels, Satan, and demons?

“Identity” by Dan Dewitt (Eph 2:1-10)

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Identity by Dan Dewitt.mp3
Identity by Dan Dewitt (handout).pdf
Dan Dewitt (service order).doc
Dan Dewitt is the Dean of Boyce College in Louisville, KY. He has served in youth ministry for years, and is an amazing preacher of God’s Word to teenagers. In this message, Dr. Dewitt challenges CBSM on how their identity is to be in Jesus alone. You will absolutely love this message!