Seminary and Student Ministry (part 2): The importance of teaching on CHRIST in student ministry

1-luke-24-christocentrismFree file for youth pastors:

“The Integrative Motif of all of Scripture: What is the first and final thought of God?”

The absolute most important truth I learned in seminary was the integrative motif to all systematic theology.  “What the heck is that, and what in the world would it have to do with student ministry?”  I’m glad you asked!  Our integrative motif is that central theme that we constantly teach, we constantly come back to, and we try to hammer into the teens heads every time we stand up to speak. Here are a couple things about an integrative motif: Continue reading

“What are you reading right now?” Books, Resources, and the Time you wish you had!

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“What are you reading right now?”  For some, that is a question of pure delight because they get to spew everything that they’ve been learning from the books they’ve been devouring in their free time.  For others, its a time of hemming and hawing because they sincerely want to read, but its really hard for them to turn off Sportscenter…or American Idol.

My goal when it comes to reading is to read at least one chapter a day from some book on biblical theology (my favorite), systematic theology, a doctrine, student ministry, a Christian biography, etc.  Do I do this every day?  Not even close…but it is my goal.  And I’ve always heard that if you don’t aim at a specific goal, then you’re sure to hit it every time…nothing. Continue reading

Teaching on the Church to Teens

Free file for youth pastors:

Doctrine of the Church (Outline)

Jody is a youth pastor in the Columbus area of Ohio.  He’s one of my best friends.  But what sets Jody apart is his passion to preach and teach Christ to his teens through the means and mixture of the Word and theology.  Youth pastor reading this right now with a frappe in one hand and your ipod in your other, if you’re wanting to give your students a good look at what the church is (identity) and what the church is supposed to do (mission), I’d urge you to take a look at this document to see how Jody is going to teach the doctrine of the church to his student ministry. Continue reading