CBSM Super Bowl Parties 2013

CBSM is throwing the best Super Bowl Parties in town, yall!

6th-8th Grade Guys and Girls: Olan and Angie Phillips’ House
9th-10th Grade Guys and Girls: Ben and Michelle Goode’s Home
11th-12th Grade Guys and Girls: Kevin and Yolanda Duke’s Home

Make sure and check with your small group leader or friend on what you can bring.
Make sure to check with your small group leader or friend on what time.
We will give out the address and info Sunday morning at 9am during CBSM small groups.
We want these to be the best parties in town, so come ready to have fun!
Make sure to respect the home you’re in, though! Be courteous while you party!

CBSM Super Bowl Parties: Sunday, February 5

On Sunday, February 5, 2012 our Super Bowl Parties will be put together by all of our small groups. So make sure you either talk to one of our CBSM Small Group Leaders, to one of our CBSM students involved in our small groups, or feel free to contact me to find out where all the different parties will be at. We want all of our students to attend and bring a friend. If you’re a guest or visitor that’s been coming to CBSM, we definitely want you to be a part of it all!

And by the way, the middle School and high School small group that has the most in attendance at their party will get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut breakfast with chocolate milk, Milo’s sweat tea, and coffee in their small group the Sunday following the Super Bowl.