Who Do You Trust? (Proverbs 3:5-6) by Patrick McGoldrick

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Over 10 years ago, I had the privilege of doing a youth ministry internship, Patrick McGoldrick. I learned an incredible amount of youth ministry ideas, tools, methods, and truths. Over the last 10 years, Patrick has always been a phone call away from me. He has always given me his time, his listening ear, and his best advice on youth ministry and life. I have always appreciated Patrick as my good friend and youth ministry mentor. This last December I got a call from a mutual friend of Patrick’s that he had been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Patrick is taking on this deadly disease as a Godly man of strength and honor. Its incredible to watch his joy increase as his body fails. As you could imagine, tons of churches are calling Patrick up to come and speak for them. We have been blessed to be one of the first to hear his incredible message of his testimony of salvation and suffering. You will absolutely love this sermon, be moved, and you will worship our God who saves and allows us to suffer for His glory!

A Church-Changing View Of Eternity (Revelation 7)

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Here is a sermon I recently preached for The Brook Church. They were going through the book of Revelation. Their pastor went out of town and asked me to continue in the series. THANK GOD the next segment was on Revelation 7…one of my favorites. I’m absolutely fascinated with this passage. What might John have seen? How many people are we for real talking here? Multitudes and crowds that no one could even count? Whoa! This passage ultimately brings out four huge points for the church today: witnessing, worship, serving, and suffering. The clearer the vision God gives us through His Word of eternity, the more we will be willing to completely engaged in each of those four themes in our churches!

LEGIT: Christians Persecuted for Jesus

As we were finishing up our series called “LEGIT” through the book of Isaiah, I came across this video. Because of its extreme content, I prayed and got counsel about whether or not to show it. The best counsel I received probably was “How can you NOT show it?” So be WARNED, this is strong, heavy, and extreme persecution for those who are LEGIT for Jesus!

LEGIT: Salvation in Christ Alone (Isaiah 52-53)

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The big question is: Are you a LEGIT Christian? The answer is: only if you truly are IN Christ. But why? What makes Jesus so special that He is the only way of salvation? Is that arrogant, narrow-minded, and intolerant for Christians to even say? When you take a look at Isaiah 52 – 53, it really all comes together. We see the person of Christ, the death of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ…which is the ONLY means possible that God could save sinners. Jesus death is not for our pity…but it is for His own glory, His Lordship, our faith, our sin, our punishment, and our salvation. Our reponse to Jesus’ bloody, gruesome, excruciating, and brutal death is not for us to feel so sorry for Him that we just follow Him out of obligation. Rather, we see the loving grace of God, the wrath of God against sin, the person of Jesus, our need for repentance, our call to faith, and our command to confess Jesus’ Lordship. Is your faith in Jesus so LEGIT that you would follow Him not matter might be thought toward you, said about you, or done to you? This entire message, I believe, is the single most defining and monumental challenge I’ve ever given our student ministry…to be LEGIT!

cbsm sermon video: Job 1-2 “Afflicted: Clash in the Heavens”

 This is the kick-start to our series on the book of Job which is all about when you are going through the roughest and toughest afflictions of all of life. What are we to believe about God, Satan, and ourselves during those times? How can we respond in worship? This sermon is an attempt to answer those questions.

storyline #75: Job 1:1-2:10 “afflicted: clash in the heavens″

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Its crazy how the release of the “Clash of the Titans” movie that was just released goes so perfectly with the beginning of the story of Job.  When going through extreme suffering in real life as it happens, we must have a solid foundation of knowing who God really is, who Satan really is, and who you really are.  The truth in the passage is that God sovereignly designs suffering for your spiritual strength.  So, the challenge then is to endure suffering well by praising Jesus in your pain.  Enjoy the mp3 and other free resources as we take a deep look into Job’s life and suffering and see how it points us to Christ, and how we apply it to our lives.

Teens preaching and students leading as the Gospel of Jesus goes forward

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Job 1 – Fillout Sheet

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The dude stepped up to the mic, opened his mouth, and the Spirit of God took over from there.  A couple months ago, one of our KTL teenagers came up to me and requested another opportunity to preach in our Wednesday night worship service.  The guy has obviously been called to pastoral ministry, is seen as a leader everywhere he goes and in everything he does, and can flat out preach (or “shuck some corn” as they say in Bama).  I wanted to finish our series on Leviticus first, so I found the perfect spot for him just a little over the month after he asked for it.  I told me he had been studying the book of Job by himself, and wanted to share it with the students.  Two days before he preached, I gave him an opportunity to run through it with some other guys on our KTL ministry.  After a few tune-ups in his message here and there, he was ready to rock. Continue reading

Storyline #10 – Genesis 35-50 – "Now and Later: How Suffering Brings Glory"

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Have you ever seen an episode of “Veggie Tales”? I heard one of my favorite preachers tell about an episode designed to teach children about Christian suffering. He explained the one where the deliriously-happy veggies come up against the gruesome garlic demon, Beelze-bulb and his henchmen, the Ginsu Warriors. When asked to renounce their faith in Jesus, the vegetables shook their heads and sang together “No, We are His Cheeseburgers.” Then the Ginsu Warriors sliced and diced the vegetables, as the episode ended with a cold-stiff-dead Larry the Cucumber lying lifelessly in a jar of vinegar reeking with the stench of the pickling process and Bob the Tomato splattered against a wall with only the remains of his seeds and ketchup. You’re right; you’ve never heard of this episode because Christian shows for children don’t deal with real suffering. They merely deal with moral truths such as how to have faith that God will work everything out to be good and how to be nice to everyone. Suffering is the silent subject. Continue reading