Secret Church: Six Hours of Sermons?


You heard me right.  This last Friday, I took my KTL ministry to “Secret Church” at The Church At Brookhills in Birmingham, AL this past Friday night for Good Friday.  What is so cool about 4 middle schoolers, 6 high schoolers, a college student, a youth pastor, and one cool dad enjoying an evening together?  “Secret Church” is a one-night conference held from 6pm – midnight where the pastor preaches 4 sessions for somewhere over an hour each.  This pastor is the man, the myth, the legend…Dr. David Platt.  He’s totally one of my favorite pastors.  This cat is only 30 years old with more degrees than I have hair!  The dude, Dr. David, is super solid theologically, super engaging in his communication, and he just loves preaching on a super awesome God.  This particular Secret Church conference was specially on the cross.  That’s right, almost six full hours of preaching…just on the event in which we call the cross.  And that, my dear and gracious readers, is why its so amazing that we all enjoyed an evening together! Continue reading