cbsm sermon video on esther 2-10 (for the love: way more than heroes and villains)

This is our latest sermon video uploaded to vimeo by our UPLOAD team. You’ll see how Esther is one of the most dramatic, suspenseful, and epic stories of all the Bible…and how it points us to Christ…AND how it applies to our lives of relationships, dating, love, and marriage. Enjoy!

Reflections from Revival: HarvestFEST

HarvestFESTI’m not really used to revivals.  I’ve been in them before, but not a whole lot.  When our pastor dropped the bomb that not only would we be doing a revival this year, but we’d also have a ton of work to prepare for it and would need a lot of money from our different ministry budgets to pull it off…I was not initially overly excited.  All “revival” meant to me was an evangelist coming into your church to preach a shallow gospel, to twist people’s arms to believe in Christ, and to sing an invitation song with 15 choruses to manipulate people to walk down the aisle.  This revival “HarvestFEST” that God had in store for us was totally different.

We had an incredible speaker, Dr. Ronnie Hill, come in.  Ronnie is especially known and gifted for speaking to teenagers.  So our pastor told me that it was youth who Ronnie would more naturally reach.  He was right.  This dude was good.  I got him into a couple of schools to speak with about 250 students before school…at 7am.  Many students received Christ there.  Then we invited those student, and along with our church students inviting their friends, we had around 600 teenagers counted who came to revival this past week. Continue reading

I Rocked The Vote: Sanctity and the Sword

Rock The VoteThat’s right.  I rocked the vote!  I voted based on biblical principles: sanctity and the sword.  I believe the two most biblically important issues with this years election is the sanctity of human life (abortion) and which candidate would wield the sword best (justice – Romans 13).  America desperately needs a man in office who isn’t about his personal agenda, fame, or the game of politics…but who is about the principles that God has set in place.

No matter what happens in the returns tonight, we must be the church more so than we must be Americans.  Remember, God doesn’t place the kings into position to be pastors or theocrats.  God puts them in position for morality and justice.  The state fights for those, but the church fights for truth.  Even if the less godly man gets into office…its still the churches job to preach the kingdom of Christ (not the country of America) and to proclaim the Truth of Scripture (not so much the constitution).  Which candidate will help us to be the church more?  Probably the one who looks like Christ the least. Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait

That’s what I’ve felt like all day.  I’ve been hurrying all day to make sure everything is ready for tonight…but I’m ready for tonight to get here…but I have to wait.  Tonight is our student worship service.  And in the words of our studnets…it’s gonna be so CRUNK!

We’re unveiling a sweet contest tonight for a little incentive to our students to grab their friends and bring them to our revival called “Harvestfest.”  Pastor Zach actually doesn’t want us calling it “revival” at all.  So shhhh!  Don’t tell him I already said it. Continue reading

Storyline #18: Exodus 25-40. "Touring the OT Tabernacle"

Free files for youth pastors:

18-tabernacle (handout)

18-exodus-25-40-tabernacle (audio)

18-exodus-25-40 (ppt)

18 – exodus 25-40 (sermon notes and prop list)

(This has become my most visited blog…which is very interesting to me.  I guess there is just so much interest out there in the OT tabernacle and temple that this gets a lot of hits.  Let me encourage you, teach the tabernacle biblically-accurate, teach it in a way that puts your people right into it, and teach it in a way that leaves them with CHRIST!  Here’s how I did it…  I made 3 door ways out of 1″ pvc pipe and shower curtains, and put the three door ways right up in front of our stage.  I taught in front of the first door way to explain the courtyard, then I went through the doorway to enter the tent.  There I taught on the bronze altar and the sacrifices, then I went through the second doorway into the Holy Place.  There I taught on the lampstand, altar of incense, and bread of presence, and then I went through the third doorway into the Most Holy Place.  There I taught on the ark of the covanant and mercy seat.  The students loved it.  I had people come in before hand to make the tabernacle furniture…some were just boxes spray painted gold…but the students will never forget that night!  Here’s the message I preached…)

            When Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq, he purposed to build himself a palace that would symbolize his absolute power and rule.  He idolized the ancient king Nebuchadnezzar and his rule.  So he not only built a palace like his, but he also built it with the ruins of the ancient palace.  Six hundred rooms, 60 million sand-colored bricks each inscribed with a tribute to his rule, overlooking the Euphrates river, architected like a ziggurat (ancient temple), as high as four stories, as long as five football fields, hundreds of thousands of feet of marble, and gold bathroom fixtures are just some of the intimidating tactics that Saddam wanted to play a part in his palace.  The funny thing is, Saddam rarely even lived in it. 

  Continue reading