Disciple Making in Student Ministry (Leader Training)

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Here is my latest talk on Disciple Making. This talk came from a Leadership Training session with my own leaders on a Sunday morning. Here are a few thoughts from this training:

Disciple Making should be so simple that any disciple is able to make more disciples.

Jesus gave us a very simple but clear strategy to Make Disciples.

We must start a multiplication movement of Making Disciples because what the church has been doing for years is not working.

The WIN is student ministry should be Disciple Making Multiplication not attendance.

Here are the Free Downloadable Resources:

Disciple Making in Student Ministry (notes)

Disciple Making in Student Ministry (slides)

You can read the other articles in this series or check out more disciple making resources at https://youthgrouptruth.com/category/disciple-making/

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GOSPEL: Step 1

GOSPEL is the first step in our CENTRIC Student Ministry Strategy.

The Gospel isn’t just something we preach in Student Ministry, but it must be the power of God that is unleashed to start His unstoppable movement through your student ministry.

I believe the Gospel is the central theme of all Scripture. Every passage, event, story, character, etc of Scripture is ultimately pointing us to the Gospel. But also, every passage, event, story, character, etc of Scripture is deepening our different perspectives of the Gospel. I believe this so strongly, that I’ve committed my life to preach through the whole Bible and all major Christian doctrines to my students so that they see the Gospel from all Scripture, all doctrine, and every perspective. Here is our 6-7 year plan through the Bible and all doctrine: All Bible and Doctrine Series Flow Plan Liberty Students

Not only should the Gospel permeate everything we say and do in student ministry, but also the Gospel should be simplified and clarified for our students. (1 Cor .15:3-4)

The Gospel is the POWER of God (Romans 1:16). 

P – Person of Jesus (Jesus is both fully God and man)

W – Work of Jesus (Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection)

R – Response to Jesus (We must repent of sin, believe on Him, and follow Him as Lord)

This has been the best tool to see students understand the Gospel in a simple, memorable, and reproducible way.

The Gospel is not only God’s plan of salvation, but the Gospel is also God’s plan of sanctification. We know that if we are believing the Gospel, then we will be living the Gospel.

Here are my personal sermons through a whole series on the GOSPEL called GamePlan:

Gameplan – 1 – GRDM Overview – Luke 24 (sermon)

GamePlan – 1 – GRDM Overview (curriculum)

Gameplan – 2 – GRDM Person of Jesus – Luke 24 (sermon)

GamePlan – 3 – The Work of Jesus (curriculum)

Gameplan – 4 – Response to Jesus – Luke 24 (sermon)

Students Speak Out – Turning Revival:HarvestFEST into Festimonies


Free file for youth pastors:

How to Bring Your Friends to Church mp3 (Luke 16:1-9)

Our student ministry usually averages about 75 students on any given Sunday school or student worship service.  Over our revival: HarvestFEST, we had over 225 students on the Tuesday night.  Adding all nights together (Sunday – Wednesday), we had about 600 students in all.  That was by far the most I’ve ever seen our students bring in.  I’m so glad that God brought us an engaging and impacting speaker like Dr. Ronnie Hill to take care of them once they came!

I wanted to keep the ball rolling and the momentum moving forward, so I cancelled all regularly scheduled activities for Sunday school this morning (MACRO Theology), and I let the students hear from each other.  Instead of the normal “come up to the mic and give your testimony” time, I put two chairs up front and did an interview type setting.  The students didn’t know I was going to do it.  I only took volunteers.  I was amazed…they did an awesome job.  Again, the purpose of these student interviews was to be an encouragement to our whole student ministry to keep on investing in the lives of other students, inviting them to our church, and all that so that God can make a huge impact in their lives.  I wanted them to give our their own strategies, ideas, etc. Continue reading

All Down Hill from Here

I’ve gotten so many emails today from my friends and church family from Harrison Hills Baptist Church in Lanesville, IN…I just had to write about them.  In fact, not only have I received emails, but I also was visited by one of the families (the McLendons) as they were on their way back to Indiana tonight from Mobile. 

I learned some very valuable lessons while at HHBC for my first 4 years of full-time youth pastoring.  Continue reading