Explanation of our Student Ministry Teams

ministry (new)mp3 of our SMT students and leaders meeting:

Student Ministry Teams Explanations (mp3)

Here are our Student Ministry Teams (SMT’s) explained…


Purpose: Greets first time visiting students.  Fills-out new student information card.  Writes and mails postcard to visiting students.  Gives information card to Pastor Chip so he can write a letter to them, give them a free item from our café card, and invite them back.

Students Needed: 4 students are needed so that 2 students can be greeters on Wednesdays, 2 students can be greeters on Sundays, and all 4 can write postcards.

Meeting Time: Sunday nights from 5 – 6:15pm to write post cards.   Continue reading

YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #3 – “What’s Your Ministry?” (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

yougotskills-blog-pic1Free files for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (mp3)

You Got Skills – 3 – Whats Your Ministry (fillout sheet)

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (ppt)

Before we move forward, lets review exactly what these spiritual gifts are. What good will it do us if we move forward while forgetting what we’ve learned so far? Lesson 1 – Spiritual gifts include our passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that were once used for Satan’s kingdom. Jesus Christ our King has plundered that evil kingdom, rescued our gifts, and now we can use them for His kingdom! Lesson 2 – God has recorded many spiritual gifts in His Word, but not all of them are found there. He just gave us an idea to understand what they are and what some of them are. Our spiritual gifts can include many different abilities that Jesus has given us to use for His glory in the church. Looking at our spiritual SHAPE is very helpful. Now moving on… Continue reading