We had tons of students come out for our CBSM Iron Bowl Event.  Auburn fans sat on one side, Alabama fans sat on the other.  They also coerced (and probably forced) other fans (Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and other stinky teams) to sit on their side.  So we judged them on who had the most on their side (Alabama won that).  Then we judged which side came dressed-up the most for their team (Alabama won that).  Then we judged which team had the craziest fanatic dressed up for their team (Auburn won that – see pic above).  It was definitely the first time I have EVER had a student come to church with no shirt on!  At a boy, Seth.   Then we had a QB competition (since both Bama’s and Auburn’s QBs are horrendous).  We put a girl from each team up in the balcony, and a guy from each team on the stage.  We let them battle it out, and the Auburn tigers tore it up putting them over the edge and securing their victory for the 2009 CBSM Iron Bowl.  So a shoutout and huge props to my Auburn Tiger students who straight up represented last night!!!

This Wednesday: Fireworks at the Fowlers

fireworksatfowlersAight, so yall know I don’t like to do this stuff toooo often.  I think the best way to reach your friends for Christ is to bring them to a regular Wednesday night worship service so that they see Jesus in action by our lives of worship.  But this Wednesday, we just can’t help ourselves!  Our worship service will start at 6pm this Wednesday only.  After the worship service, we’ll head over to the Fowler’s house for some food (a cookout) and some fireworks (provided by you).  This is a great opportunity to bring your friends, for them to be a part of our Wednesday night worship service, and for them to get to know us in a more informal way at the Fowler’s.  The goal: to have a great time together and introduce them to Jesus!  So you need to bring all your friends, some fireworks, some food (either a 2 liter, a dessert, or some chips), and a lawnchair to sit back and enjoy the show.  We’ll get done at the Fowlers around 10pm on Wednesday night.  Last year we had almost 100…let’s defiitely work hard to get over that hundred hump.  See yall there.