Student Ministry Interns, Associates, and Media: A Shoutout to my Wingman

One of the greatest blessings to my ministry here is our “student ministry media coordinator”: Andrew.  I remember when I first came here to check out the church and meeting him.  I automatically thought that if I ended up coming here…I would look, sound, and be so uncool around him.  I’m telling you, this dude must have been born in style and up on the culture somehow.  Like a baby with a rat-tail and tight rolled baby pajamas back in the late 80’s.   Which reminds me, his birthday was yesterday.  So here we go, my shout-out to Andrew (or for you old fogies – an Ode to Andrew).

I remember going to eat with Andrew as soon as I got here.  He had been a church ministry intern here for about 5 months by that time.  I shared my vision for what I would want in an intern, and he shared his vision for what he would want to do in the church.  THEY WERE SYNONYMOUS!  We both shared our dreams for a student ministry to be extremely biblical and theological in its teaching while still remaining culturally relevant to the culture.  That way, we would both reach teens and teach teens for the glory of Christ! Continue reading