Video Announcements: April 21, 2009

Parents, Students, and Blog Guests…we’re trying something new here.  So be patient with me.  I’m no actor…totally an amateur!  But here are our announcements for the week that you need to know all about da CBSM!  Trust me, I know I look like a dork, act like a dork, and talk like a dork on here.  I actually smell like a dork, too, but that doesn’t come through the video.

CBSM: Student Life Summer Camp at Covenant College

flipbanner21Important Student Life Camp Downloads:

Camp Parents Packet

Important Dates and Payments Due

Medical Release Form – Capshaw

Parents Flyer

Special Needs Info and Request

Student Packing List

Waiver and Release Form

Parents and Students,

We’re going to put everything on this blog article for you that you need to know for preparing for STUDENT LIFE CAMP at Covenant College on June 8-12.  Camp is an awesome opportunity for all of our 7th – 12th graders to grow in their knowledge for Christ, their passion for Christ, their worship of Christ, introduction into missions, relationships with our other students, and understanding of the Word.  This the student life camp website where you can get information, core values, FAQ’s, daily schedule, etc.  By the way, we are doing the mission camp track.  So make sure you pay attention to that!