Student Leadership Training at CBSM

I had a past professor/friend who asked me what we did to train leaders within our student ministry.  I thought I’d share with you my most honest answer:

“First of all, we define leadership here at CBSM as: following Christ and bringing others along with you. So, our first focus is to center all of students onto Christ, and then we offer leadership training for those who want to both follow Christ and lead others toward Him. We do this in several different ways of course. First, we do this through preaching. I am convinced that I am called to primarily preach to my 12 grade guys even though there are students present in the room all the way down to 7th grade. I’ve learned that if I focus on my 12th grade guys, then I will reach them and all other students under them. But if I focus on younger students, I will get the younger students back…but I won’t get any of the older students for the most part. So training for leadership first starts through our preaching because preaching is what cultivates a heart for Christ most. We have a very specific system of preaching at CBSM… In 6 years (from 7th – 12th grade) we are preaching through the entire Bible (in order from Genesis – Revelation) and also through all 13 major Christian doctrines (from Doctrine of Christ – Doctrine of End Times). Our preaching is usually 45 minutes long, always Christ-centered, always expository, always grounded in the gospel, and always in your face challenging. That is what we’ve found produces and identifies leaders best.   Continue reading

KTL 2009 #3: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – How to Preach Christ in Every Sermon

ktlFree files for youth pastors:

03 – KTL – How To Preach Christ in Every Sermon (mp3)

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The Christocentric hermeneutic continues! Remember that Christocentric means “Christ-centered” and hermeneutic means “view or interpretation of Scripture.” This lesson is extremely important on how to preach Christ in every sermon and from every Biblical text. I believe these are the keys to a truly powerful sermon that changes lives! Continue reading

KTL 2009 #2: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – The Purpose of Preaching


Free files for youth pastors:

02 – KTL – The Purpose of Preaching (mp3)

When it comes to teaching teens how to preach and teach the Word, they have to first understand the whole goal of the Word. So many people feel like they can’t possibly remember every sermon they hear from week to week at church. Others think that sermons are just different topics of self-help every week from their pastor as a counselor. So, we must first of all focus students onto the focus of the Word: the glory of Christ. Continue reading

24: A Sunday in the Life of a Youth Pastor

We had an extrordinary day of worship yesterday.  My plan was to get to the church a little early in order to put the finishing touches unto Sunday school at 8am here at the church.  When I was rolling in, I noticed way more cars than normal (since I’m normally about the only one here at that time).  Then I remembered…prayer breakfast!  That was a great thing since I was hungry.  So I skipped into the gym, got me some biscuits, gravy, chocolate gravy even, and and about a gallon of coffee…to start my day off right!  There our worship Pastor, Brandon, did a fantastic job of addressing our men on being the leaders of worship in the church.

Right after that I went over to the student building (which was freezing cold because of the temperature change and no one got to the thermostat yet).  Sunday school went very well.  I was pleased.  Continue reading

Teens preaching and students leading as the Gospel of Jesus goes forward

Free files for my fellow youth pastors:

Job 1 – Fillout Sheet

curt-job-1 (ppt)

curt-job-1 (mp3)

The dude stepped up to the mic, opened his mouth, and the Spirit of God took over from there.  A couple months ago, one of our KTL teenagers came up to me and requested another opportunity to preach in our Wednesday night worship service.  The guy has obviously been called to pastoral ministry, is seen as a leader everywhere he goes and in everything he does, and can flat out preach (or “shuck some corn” as they say in Bama).  I wanted to finish our series on Leviticus first, so I found the perfect spot for him just a little over the month after he asked for it.  I told me he had been studying the book of Job by himself, and wanted to share it with the students.  Two days before he preached, I gave him an opportunity to run through it with some other guys on our KTL ministry.  After a few tune-ups in his message here and there, he was ready to rock. Continue reading

KTL: Leadership in Student Ministry

One of my greatest privileges as a youth pastor is on Sunday nights after the evening service.  Most youth pastors would trade their electric drum set for an organ if they got to be a part of this.  On Sunday nights for one hour after the evening service, I have the honor of sitting around a table with 12 of the guys in our student ministry to study leadership together.  Half of the guys are already called into full-time ministry to be senior pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, etc.  The other half are just incredible servant-leaders within our student ministry.  We have about 5 seniors involved and 2 others from each grade down from there.

I’ve been asked before how we developed this ministry that we call KTL.  By the way, KTL stands for “Keruxon Ton Logon” which means “preach the Word” in the Greek.  Continue reading

Storyline #12 – Exodus 2-4 – "The Raising of a Leader: Moses, Jesus, and You"

Files for my fellow student pastors…

12-exodus-2-4 (ppt)

12-Exodus 2-4 (handout)

12-exocus-2-4 (mp3)

Read Exodus 2 – 4.  This is exactly the opposite of what Moses’ mother was doing three months after his birth when she hid him in a basket and floated him along the Nile River.  God had her hide Moses for protection.  The daughter of the King of Egypt found Moses and ended up raising him as an Egyptian prince who was mighty in word and deed (Acts 7).  God was raising Moses to lead His people.  When Moses was 40, he really wanted to get to know his Hebrew relatives, so he went out among the slaves.  He saw an Egyptian beating one of his fellow Israelites and became so enraged with anger that he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.  When word got around and the Pharaoh found out, Moses ran away for the sake of his life.  Continue reading