Angels, Satan, and Demons: All About Angels

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Have you ever heard people retell their possible experiences or encounters with angels? Could they be possible? It is possible! In fact, we naturally allow people’s stories to shape our minds concerning what we believe about angels. The entertainment world is full of movies and music on angels. “Angels In The Outfield”, “Touched By An Angel”, “Its A Wonderful Life”, “Angels Among Us”, and “Earth Angel” are only a few of the movies, TV shows, and songs that are talking about angels. Our minds are naturally shaped on our beliefs about angels simply by the culture around us. So how can we know what to believe? We must allow the Bible to shape our minds regarding angels so that we will know what the truth is. This CBSM study on angels will teach you both what angels are like and what angels do. We went deep and super informative with this one. Make sure you focus and stick with it, and you’ll know what most of the Bible teaches about the angelic.

Storyline #36: Joshua 5-11 “How to Fight Like a Christian”

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(intro video – go to youtube and type in “cbsmmedia joshua intro”)

We about got our butts kicked! I remember walking the beaches of Pensacola as an 18 year old college freshman with about 5 other buddies. We walked up to a huge pack of about 80 college kids who went to the University of West Florida. One of the smallest guys came out of the crowd asking if we wanted to play football. “Let’s do it,” we said. About then, 5 honking-huge dudes stood up, and walked out to play against us. At this point, we just wanted to play hard enough not to look stupid. After many cheap shots, the crowd cussing at us, and a bloody nose…we decided to forfeit to avoid a fight.

I wonder how many times we as Christians do that spiritually. We feel that the enemy is too huge, the persecution is too great, and the fight is too hard…so we forfeit and let the enemy win. We have got to remember that we’re in a spiritual battle vs. sin. Continue reading