SMT Set-Up for Fall 2012

Here is our SMT (Student Ministry Team) Set-Up for Fall 2012. Our SMT’s exist because teenagers having a place to serve often doesn’t. We don’t just want our teens to worship and do small groups together, but we also want every one of our teens to have an opportunity to obey God in serving Jesus through His church together (Ephesians 4:1-6). So here’s what our SMT’s look like this semester. For the most part, they will all meet on Sunday nights from 6:30 – 7:30 unless noted otherwise. They are for all of our 6th – 12th graders.

SMT’s for Fall 2012 (Viewable and Printable Version): SMT Fall 2012 Breakdown.doc

2012 SMT’s: Student Ministry Teams of CBSM

Our SMT’s are teams that CBSM students join in order to do ministry on a weekly basis. We strongly believe in spiritual giftedness, serving, and ministering through the church and for the glory of Jesus! We believe that God has given every teenager gifts, talents, and abilities that they are naturally good at. Through salvation, God redeems those gifts, talents, and abilities to for the use of His kingdom (Eph 4:1-11). We believe that every teenager should be using their giftedness specifically through the church (Eph 4:12). Lastly, we believe that every gift, talent, and ability should be used fully for the glory of Jesus (Eph 4:13-16). We want our teens to be bored if they aren’t serving Jesus in some specific way that reflects their giftedness. Lastly, We want our teens to understand that our ministry will not be as excellent, fruitfull, smooth, or cool without them using their giftedness for Jesus through CBSM.

Every semester we go over “how to discern their spiritual giftedness” with our students, and we announce all the different teams that they would get to serve on. They pick their teams, make their commitment to serve, and get on board for the rest of the semester.

Here are the 2 documents of our SMT’s for both Middle and High School
Middle School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 MS Breakdown.doc
High School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 HS Breakdown.doc

CBSM 2011 SMT’s (Student Ministry Teams)

Every fall and spring we reset our SMTs by allowing our teens to pick new ones. We want to give every student an opportunity to use their spiritual gifts, serve Jesus, serve the church, and serve the community by putting them on an SMT that is perfect for them. This year, we have 28 SMT’s total for our high schoolers and middle schoolers. I also go over what spiritual gifts are, how to discover which gifts God has given you, and how to use your giftedness for Jesus’ glory in His church. So here are the SMT breakdowns and the quick lesson on spiritual giftedness.
SMT Fall 2011 MS Breakdown.docSMT Fall 2011 HS Breakdown.doc
2011 You Got Skills (ppt).ppt
2011 You Got Skills (Overview).pdf

CBSM Student Ministry Teams (SMTs) Fall 2010

Here is a list of all of our Student Ministry Teams, when they meet, what they do, and who their leaders are. Our SMTs are a vital part of our ministry…as we seek to be a ministry and not just a service. So many teenagers today are bored to death or preoccupied with so many things that just don’t eternally matter for the glory of Jesus. So we encourage ALL of our students to serve Jesus through their church by using their spiritual gifts on one of our SMTS. Here’s the list.
SMT Fall 2010 Breakdown (doc)

Explanation of our Student Ministry Teams

ministry (new)mp3 of our SMT students and leaders meeting:

Student Ministry Teams Explanations (mp3)

Here are our Student Ministry Teams (SMT’s) explained…


Purpose: Greets first time visiting students.  Fills-out new student information card.  Writes and mails postcard to visiting students.  Gives information card to Pastor Chip so he can write a letter to them, give them a free item from our café card, and invite them back.

Students Needed: 4 students are needed so that 2 students can be greeters on Wednesdays, 2 students can be greeters on Sundays, and all 4 can write postcards.

Meeting Time: Sunday nights from 5 – 6:15pm to write post cards.   Continue reading

You Got Skills (Overview) – Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness

yougotskills (blog pic)

Free file for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – Overview (mp3)

As we are continuing our SMT’s (Student Ministy Teams) on Sunday nights, our church is moving to this model as well.  So our whole church is using Sunday evenings as opportunities to serve within the church and to serve the community for Christ.  It’s pretty awesome.

This mp3 is from this past Sunday night where I gave our student ministry a crash-course in understanding what spiritual gifts are, how they figure out their spirtiual giftendness, and how to use them most effectively.  Continue reading

YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #3 – “What’s Your Ministry?” (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

yougotskills-blog-pic1Free files for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (mp3)

You Got Skills – 3 – Whats Your Ministry (fillout sheet)

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (ppt)

Before we move forward, lets review exactly what these spiritual gifts are. What good will it do us if we move forward while forgetting what we’ve learned so far? Lesson 1 – Spiritual gifts include our passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that were once used for Satan’s kingdom. Jesus Christ our King has plundered that evil kingdom, rescued our gifts, and now we can use them for His kingdom! Lesson 2 – God has recorded many spiritual gifts in His Word, but not all of them are found there. He just gave us an idea to understand what they are and what some of them are. Our spiritual gifts can include many different abilities that Jesus has given us to use for His glory in the church. Looking at our spiritual SHAPE is very helpful. Now moving on… Continue reading

YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #2 – “What’s Your Skill” (Romans 12:3-5)

yougotskills-blog-picFree files for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – 2 – What’s Your Skill? (mp3)

You Got Skills – 2 – What’s Your Skill? (fillout sheet)

You Got Skills – 2 – What’s Your Skill? (ppt)

Let’s review from the last lesson on what spiritual gifts actually are. Spiritual gifts are our God-given passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that were once used for Satan’s Kingdom. Jesus Christ plundered Satan’s kingdom by His death, rescued our giftedness from Satan, and now He has given them back to us so that we can use our spiritual gifts for His glory in His Kingdom. We use them for Him!

There are many spiritual gifts found in the Scriptures. In four different passages we see an apostle looking at the life of a church and noticing how they have been gifted spiritually. In Ephesians 4:11, Paul tells that church that Jesus has given out spiritual gifts for some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers in the church. In Romans 12:6-8, Paul tells that church that he has noticed their spiritual giftedness of prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, giver, leadership, and mercy. In 1 Corinthians 12:28, Pauls tells that church that he has noticed their spiritual giftedness of wisdom, knowledge, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues, interpretation, helping, administration, etc. Lastly, in 1 Peter 4:10-11, Peter tells the church that he has noticed their spiritual giftedness of speaking and serving. Continue reading

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 7): the issue of speaking in TONGUES

speaking-in-tonguesFree file for youth pastors:

Paper: “To Speak or Not to Speak: The Issue of Tongues Today”

Teenagers are always asking me what I think about the issue of “speaking in tongues.”  I really think that they are fascinated with the whole concept.  What if the Spirit really does take control of our mouthes and help us to speak only His words.  Of course they are fascinated.  I am fascinated with the concept!  Getting to speak another language without even knowing it.  Getting to speak “babble” as worship to God with words that aren’t understood.  Getting to share the gospel with someone of another culture and they hear it in their own language.  Having someome stand up in church, speak in tongues, and then someone else interpretting it as direct words from God.  THAT IS FASCINATING!  But is it true?  Is that what God through the Holy Spirit still does.  Continue reading

YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #1 – “Spoils from War” (Ephesians 4:1-16)

Free files for youth pastors:

you-got-skills-1-spoils-from-war (pdf)

you-got-skills-1-spoils-from-war (mp3)

you-got-skills-1-spoils-from-war (ppt)

“What’d you get me, daddy?” I can remember excitedly asking that question to my dad whenever he’d return from a business trip. Being the brilliant man he is, he’d bring me home all the swag (stuff we all get) that the vendors would hand out for free like the highlighter triangle, the bouncy balls, and of course the oversized pencil. When I came back from a mission trip to Africa, I did something very similar. Being the awesome-cool Uncle that I am, I brought back my niece and nephews African musical instruments. This seems to be deeply embedded into our culture reaching back to the times when kings would take their armies to battle another nation. The victorious king would plunder the other nations goods by bringing back the spoils from war and handing them out to the citizens of his kingdom so that they could be used for their good. Continue reading