Facebooking for Christ

At CBSM, we’re all about using the modern technology to spread the gospel of Christ and publicize His glory! 

Over Christmas I met with good friend and church growth guru, Dean Inserra, who is the pastor of The Well in Tallahassee…you’ll see his web address below.  CBSM students, you’ll know Dean Inserra from our “Know Your Role” DNow with him a couple of years ago!  This is the most important thing I learned from him in our pow-wow, so I wanted to pass it along.  It’s good…real good…even better than the Triple Prime Burger I had at Ruby Tuesdays with him.  Here’s what he said…

We do a facebook add (very cheap) that appears on every person in the Florida State, Tallahassee Community College, and overall Tallahassee networks fb page.

We also take advantage of what people are already doing. People feel the need to update their “status” every hour, and then comment on what their friends just wrote. So, we do a mass blitz several times a year where it literally “blows up,” on the news feed. You could have up to 200 of your friends write thewelltallahassee.com as their status at the same time. It is nuts.   Continue reading