Sermon Intro Video: One Hit Wonders (Series on the Minor Prophets)

Here is our sermon intro video for our series on the Minor Prophets that we’re calling: One Hit Wonders. You will enjoy the smooth dance skills of our own Andrew England (media guy) and Jason Cunningham (worship guy). And since they are so smooth, they take away from my dance skills. So you might notice me a little off beat, out of step, and maybe even mumble through some of the words. I think this is what they might call a “ministry killer.” Even though Jason and Andrew got about 10 takes, I only got 2. Just wanted to make that clear. Either way…enjoy the show…our students sure did!

Sermon Intro Video: The Book of Lamentations

Here is Andrew England’s creation of a sermon series intro video on the book of Lamentations. Lamentations is all about hope within disaster and devastation. It “just so happens” that God had it planned for us to study the book of Lamentations on our first Wednesday back from the fierce tornadoes that hit Alabama on April 27, 2011. So the video has tons of footage, stats, and information about the tornado damage on that unforgettable day.

CBSM Sermon Intro Video: REBUK’D (The Book of Jeremiah)

Here’s our sermon series intro video for the Book of Jeremiah called “REBUK’D”. Another creation of pure awesomeness by Andrew England.

Sermon Intro Video – “Book of Ecclesiastes: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

Yet another LEGIT sermon intro video for CBSM done by our media master, Andrew England. Feel free to use this for your sermons or lessons on the book of Ecclesiastes, or when you cover topics like satisfaction, pleasure, joy, happiness, depression, etc.

sermon intro video: “doctrine of providence – how can i pray to make a difference?” (week 3)

This is a video about common questions to prayer that were answered in our sermon that night.

sermon intro video: “doctrine of providence – what is God’s will for my life?” (week 2)

This video is of one of our students who is graduating with tons of tough questions about life and his future to be answered.