All Out: Worship with Emotion (Exodus 19)

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All Out – 3 – Emotion – Exodus 19 (notes)

All Out – 3 – Emotion – Exodus 19 (slides)

All Out – 3 – Emotion – Exodus 19 (curriculum)

Exodus 19 helps us worship God with deep emotion. Because of their sin, Israel was not allowed to even approach God. Because of our Savior, God invites us to approach Him! Exodus 19 coupled with Hebrews 12 is one of the most powerful teachings on worship throughout all Scripture!

My Top 5 Christmas Sermons and Studies

virgintitleYouth pastors, looking for a great Christmas sermon or series of sermons for this busy holiday season? Feel free to look through these and rip us off. We just want to be a blessing and give what God has given to us! So here you go. Consider it an early Christmas gift from CBSM!

Following Jesus: In His Birth (Matt 1-2, Luke 1-2)

The Virgin Birth: Was Mary Naughty or Nice? (Matthew 1:18-25)

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up? (Isaiah 9 and Revelation 19)

So what if Jesus was born?

WORD: How bout some Hypostatic Union? (Ezra 7-10)“word-how-bout-some-hypostatic-union”/

How To Have Your Best Christmas Yet (2 Thessalonians 1:3-8)

CBSM Series Re-Launch: “Bringing THE CHURCH Back To Life”

CBSM and Friends! We’re going to re-launch our current series as “Bringing THE CHURCH Back to Life.” How are we going to do this? I’m glad you asked!

First of all we’re going to serve a Chips N Salsa Buffet from 6:00 – 6:25pm so yall can come early and hang out. Free drinks too, yall! Then we’re going to be looking at each of the different churches in NT as we look at each NT book as a whole each week. In other words, this Wednesday we’re going to look at the Church at Rome from the whole book of Romans. What was Rome like during that time? What was the church going through? What made Paul write what he wrote? Why did the Holy Spirit have Paul write those specific truths, topics, themes, etc? What does it all mean for our church and our Christian lives today? We want to bring the Church at Rome back to life so that God can continue to bring our church lives and relationships back to life!

So here’s what you do, copy and paste the link of this blog article and put it on your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, Pintrest, and MySpace if you’re still lame enough to have that one! Get the word out. Flood the social media world. Invite and bring friends like never before. Let’s bring our church lives, relationships, and experiences back to life!

SEX TALK: Does God have one soul-mate picked out just for you?

This post got so many hits from a year ago, we’re re-posting in our Sex Talk series this month. Feel free to facebook and twitter it to your peeps!

One of the big questions that came up this last Sunday morning during a junior-senior girls small group discussion that I was a part of was…”Does God have one specific person picked out for you to marry, or should we just be focused on the type of person that God wants us to marry?” What a provocative question for teenagers to already be thinking about and discussing. I was so proud of the way my girls handled and answered the question…and how the adult leaders listened and offered biblical counsel to the girls. Here’s my two cents on the question…

So does God have a specific person picked out who we’re supposed to find and marry, or does He want us to marry a specific type of person spelled out in Scripture? In other words…am I looking for my soul-mate or are there many who will fit into our marriage qualifications?

Well, first I have to admit that I believe in an all-sovereign, an all-ruling, an all-reigning, an all-controlling, and an all-planning God. And by that you might be thinking…”so Chip does believe in a one person soul-mate that God has designed just for us!” Well, not so fast. It’s not quite that easy. On one hand, I believe the person who thinks that there is just one specifically special person for everyone will experience a lot of fear in pre-marriage relationships. I think they will constantly be sizing up their boyfriend/girlfriend as to what they feel God is telling them to do, if God really brought them together, etc. The burden can ultimately be left up to feelings, emotions, mysticism, etc. But at the same time, there can be some rest in this just knowing that God is ultimately in total control and that He does have a plan.

Honestly, I think its better to look at all this as “what is the type of person laid out in Scripture that I am called to marry?” Continue reading

Sweet Dreams: Series Intro Video for Ezekiel

You will pee your pants from the chill running down your spine when you watch this super creepy sermon intro video on Ezekiel by Andrew England, Jason Cunningham, and Seth Fowler. Check errr out!

CBSM Sermon Intro Video: REBUK’D (The Book of Jeremiah)

Here’s our sermon series intro video for the Book of Jeremiah called “REBUK’D”. Another creation of pure awesomeness by Andrew England.

storyline #90: Proverbs 1-9 “Get Smart”

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (mp3)
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (handout)
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (ppt)
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (sermon notes)
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (service)
1 – Proverbs 1-9 – Wisdom (small groups)
Sermon Series Intro Video:

We had an incredible worship service last night as we kicked-off our new series on the book of Proverbs called “Get Smart.” We showed a hilarious video from the “JayWalk All-Stars” collection of Jay Leno asking common people super easy questions…and they barely get any right. We played a quick game called “Smartest Woman Ever” which went great. Our worship was strong and Christ-centered, and our study in Proverbs was life-changing. Proverbs is a book on the importance of gaining daily knowledge and living wisely on a daily basis. But knowledge and wisdom both have a point to it…Jesus Christ! We gain all of our knowledge in view of Jesus, and we live out all of our wisdom for the motivation of the glory of Jesus. We are to fear Jesus as our Lord in both knowledge and wisdom (Prov 1:7, 9:10). Jesus is the voice of wisdom calling out (Prov 8:1-4, 1 Cor 1:24, 30). And Jesus is the Son of the Holy One (Prov 30:4). In summary: we need to live as smart and as wise as we possibly can because that is what pleases Christ and brings glory to Him! Check out all of our resources on this page for more on Proverbs 1-9.

CBSM Podcast on iTunes

Our CBSM Podcast on iTunes of all our sermon series is back up and running.  Its been down for well over a month, but one of our genius students figured out the problem.  We should be uploading the rest of Esther and all of the Doctrine of Providence sermons by the end of the week.  Feel free to resubscribe and download at yo leisure!