Storyline #47: 1 Samuel 1-3 “The Rise of The Kingdom: Answer Every Call”

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            “Kingdom” is a word that everyone gets and wants if they know it or not.  When I was around 7, my cousin and I would hangout a lot to set up our G.I. Joes like a kingdom battle.  In the next room, my sister would set up her Barbies like a peaceful kingdom-home.  All kids freak out when they get to experience the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld.  Even elderly people love to join a kingdom-like retirement village with their own chariot-golf carts, dwell in their own castle-apartments, etc.  A kingdom is a place were people life live together ruled by a king.  Our culture and we as humans seem to both understand and desire a kingdom, but why?  Everyone sets-up their own kind of kingdom.  Why?  It’s because God created us for an eternal and powerful kingdom.

            Leading up to the book of 1 Samuel, God is moving Israel into the kingdom phase of their history. Continue reading