Sermon Intro Video – “Book of Ecclesiastes: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

Yet another LEGIT sermon intro video for CBSM done by our media master, Andrew England. Feel free to use this for your sermons or lessons on the book of Ecclesiastes, or when you cover topics like satisfaction, pleasure, joy, happiness, depression, etc.

Ecclesiastes 1-12 “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (mp3)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (handout)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (ppt)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (sermon notes)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (outline)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (service)
1 – Ecclesiastes 1-12 – Satisfaction (small groups)
Outrageous night of worship and the Word last night! We played a short clip from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” for our “Annual Lighting of the CBSM Building”. Students were shocked. That was awesome. Nothing in the world like startling students! Also last night we had two brothers from CBSM (the Beaselys bros), lead our time of worship. At CBSM, we believe that leadership is more about making leaders than making followers. This sophomore-junior combo did an excellent job of leading us to the cross of Christ in our worship! Then we spent about 50 minutes in the Word as we took a look at the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is about as real and honest as it gets. Solomon admits that he did everything he possibly could to pursue pleasure in everything he could get his hands on. You won’t believe some of the things that this man did to trying to find satisfaction. Check out the message, and let God convict you of things you think will satisfy you…when only Jesus will!

Storyline #26: Numbers 11-12 “What a Bunch of Crybabies! Complaining vs. Contentment in Christ”

Click here to watch the Angry German Kid Video

Free files for youth pastors:

26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (fillout sheet)

26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (ppt)

26 – Numbers 11-12 – Complaining (mp3)

If you’ve never seen this “German Kid Video,” it became an instant classic as soon as it hit YouTube.  This kid is obviously so addicted to computer games (and a little on the crazy side) that he absolutely can’t control himself both when the game won’t load quickly enough…and when the game comes on.  My personal favorite part of the video is when he has to press the “Escape” key, but from beating the key board it has popped off and he has to find it!  Much like this German kid, the Israelites are a bunch of crybabies who complain about what they do have and about what they don’t have.  This passage gives us a lot of insight for our own lives.  Do we think much about our own attitudes of complaining?  Do we think about where it comes from and what it does to us?  Do we realize what it means for our faith in God through Christ? Continue reading