Throwback: Reverse the Curse (Genesis 3)

Throwback – 3 – Reverse The Curse – Genesis 3 (sermon)

Throwback – 3 – Curse – Genesis 3 (curriculum)

Throwback – 3 – Curse – Genesis 3 (slides)

The best way to resist sin is to know Satan’s strategy for sin. Genesis 3 is the best chapter in the entire Bible to let us in on Satan’s secret strategy for sin. The sermon will show your students how sin is far more serious than they even realize. Feel free to download these resources and make them your own.

Imago Dei: Humanity Cursed (Genesis 3:1-24)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
3 – Imago Dei – Cursed.mp3
3 – Imago Dei – Sin (handout).pdf
3 – Imago Dei – Cursed.ppt
3 – Imago Dei – Sin (notes).doc
3 – Imago Dei – Cursed (service order).doc
3 – Imago Dei – Cursed (small groups).doc
Do you believe in curses? I sure do. What does it mean that humanity is cursed? How did humanity become cursed? Why would God allow humanity created in His image to be cursed? We studied two weeks ago that God created humanity in His image. Then we studied how Jesus is the perfect image of God. And now how humanity is cursed with sin. When Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the garden, they decided to believe Satan rather than God and then became Satan worshipers. Sin is simply Satan worship. Through Adam’s sin, all humanity and creation are cursed with sin. God didn’t just retaliate with the curse, but God simply announced what the natural consequences are when you separate yourself from Him. Now all humanity is born separated from God and must be brought back to Him by the blood of Christ. The most interesting part of this passage though are the curses that God announced. They specifically deal with how Adam and Eve (men and women) are supposed to live out their gender. Gender is such a huge part of being created in God’s image that its nearly impossible to miss its importance in Scripture. So this study is all about how all humanity has been cursed with sin and how the curse directly affects our gender. Check it out!

Angels, Satan, and Demons: Q & A

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
6 – Q and A (mp3)
6 – Q & A (small groups).pdf
6 – Q & A (summaries).pdf
6 – Q & A (worship night).pdf
Here is the final installment of our CBSM study on Angels, Satan, and Demons. We finished it all off with a Q & A. Many students texted in their questions. Many wrote them down on paper. And there were even small groups that turned in lists of questions to be asked. It was a really fun night to where I really had to be on my toes. There were questions I had no clue about an answer. There were questions that I had to look up answers. And every question got a biblical basis. Here are some of the questions we got that I took a shot at for an answer:

1. Can Satan read our thoughts?
2. If God is all-knowing, then why did He create Satan in the first place…and allow him to become evil?
3. Do people who go to hell become demons?
4. Can demons materialize and take on human form?
5. Are there such things as guardian angels? If so, is there one for every Christian?
6. Can a Christian be demon possessed?
7. Why did one-third of angels follow Satan instead of doing what they were created to do (worship Jesus)?
8. How was God made?
9. If sin did not enter the world until the fall of Satan, then how did Satan fall if there was no sin?
10. What did I learn most from this series on angels, Satan, and demons?

Angels, Satan, and Demons: Questions and Answers

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
6 – Q & A (small groups).pdf
1 – This Means War (handout – answers).pdf
2 – Angels (handout – answers).pdf
3 – Satan Identity (handout – answers).pdf
4 – Satan Strategy (handout – answers).pdf
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CBSM Small Group Leaders:
This Sunday morning will be our preparation for our Q & A that night. Please go over the short summary in the Q&A pdf above with your students. On the topics that your small group asks more questions about, then please use the additional handouts from our series. I have filled in all the answers for you. Please print all 6 of these out, be familiar with them, and lead a discussion that comes up with some good questions referring to Satan, Angels, and Demons. Encourage the students to write down their questions, put them in their Bibles, and bring the questions with them on Sunday night for the Q & A. The Q & A is for both high school and middle school. It will be a combined service since there is no Wednesday night service this week due to the Shane and Shane concert. I can’t wait to hear all the questions and study the Bible with your students concerning them!

Angels, Satan, and Demons: Demons and The Demonic

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5 – Demons (mp3).mp3
5 – Demons (HS-Handout).pdf
5 – Demons (ppt).ppt
5 – Demons (outline).doc
5 – Demons (small groups).doc
5 – Demons (service order).doc
Satan absolutely loves for us to think about his demons as scary and spooky. He wants us to be freaked out and creeped out by them, because then our thinking is off of their true purpose: evil and sinfulness. In this important message, you’ll hear more about where demons came from, what they are like, what they do, what they have to do with us, and how we can overpower them. Definitely give this a look, a study, and a watch. Its a message every Christian needs to know!

Angels, Satan, and Demons: The Identity of Satan

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3 – Satan Identity (mp3).mp3
3 – Satan Identity (handout).pdf
3 – Satan Identity (ppt).ppt
3 – Satan Identity (outline).doc
3 – Satan Identity (small groups).doc
3 – Satan Identity (service order).doc
I literally hate teaching on Satan. I don’t like to focus on him. I don’t like to joke around about him. I don’t like to give him any air time, any fame, and definitely no glory. But there are just times that we absolutely must study Satan to understand who he is, what he’s all about, what makes him tick, and how he attacks. This specific study is all about 5 main things that describe who Satan is. Its a look at his identity. Do you know who Satan REALLY is? We know he’s not the pointy-bearded guy in the red suit with the horns and pitchfork. But do you truly understand how dangerous he is? Do you overemphasize his power in your life and therefore minimize Jesus’ power? Check out this study to make sure you have a biblical understanding of our mortal enemy.

Angels, Satan, and Demons: All About Angels

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
2 – Angels (mp3).mp3
2 – Angels (handout).pdf
2 – Angels (ppt).ppt
2 – Angels (notes).doc
Have you ever heard people retell their possible experiences or encounters with angels? Could they be possible? It is possible! In fact, we naturally allow people’s stories to shape our minds concerning what we believe about angels. The entertainment world is full of movies and music on angels. “Angels In The Outfield”, “Touched By An Angel”, “Its A Wonderful Life”, “Angels Among Us”, and “Earth Angel” are only a few of the movies, TV shows, and songs that are talking about angels. Our minds are naturally shaped on our beliefs about angels simply by the culture around us. So how can we know what to believe? We must allow the Bible to shape our minds regarding angels so that we will know what the truth is. This CBSM study on angels will teach you both what angels are like and what angels do. We went deep and super informative with this one. Make sure you focus and stick with it, and you’ll know what most of the Bible teaches about the angelic.

Angels, Satan, and Demons: This Means War

Free downloads for youth pastors and small group leaders:
1 – This Means War (mp3).mp3
1 – This Means War (handout).pdf
1 – This Means War (ppt).ppt
1 – This Means War (notes).doc
1 – This Means War (notes).doc
1 – This Means War (small groups).doc
1 – This Means War (service order).doc
It was NO mistake that our Back To School Bash event and our new series on Angels, Satan, and Demons collided together on the same night. Our B2SB event is one of our biggest events of the whole year. We had over 100 middle schoolers and over 200 high schoolers for these two crazy services. We wanted to do a topic that would create some serious interest and intrigue to keep the teens coming back. And of course as always…we believe that the doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons ultimately points us to Jesus. Check out the downloads to see how this fascinating doctrine is really all about the supremacy of Christ!

Slavery: A Quick Look Biblically

A class of 10th graders all had to write the same paper in their school on slavery. So, I got to meet with about 10 of them to discuss why slavery happens and what to think about it biblically. Here’s a quick look at what I told them:

“First of all…we are all slaves no matter what. We naturally don’t like the sound of that at all. We cringe at hearing we’re a slave to something or someone because of our pride. We desperately want to be independent, we want to be self-autonomous, but the truth is…we are not. We are created to always be serving a master. This is why Jesus says that no man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). He knows that we’re always serving someone through something. Paul says in Romans 6:6 that we are born into slavery. We are slaves of Satan and his evil kingdom of sinfulness. Later in that chapter, Paul calls Satan our master. But Paul also says that we can transfer kingdoms, and become slaves to Jesus…slaves of His righteousness (Rom 6:18-23).

I believe the reason that this country and world has had and still has such a HUGE problem with slavery is because Continue reading

CBSM Sermon Video: “CBSM on Suicide: The Let Hope Rise Movement”

We have had a devastating week with two teens in our area ending their own lives by suicide. There have been at least two other teen suicides in the past two months, and statistics tell us that there are another 100 attempts for ever suicidal success. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! So we’re going to do everything we can at CBSM to start a movement on spreading the hope of Jesus Christ. We did our best to hit the topic of suicide head-on last night and talked straight-up about why it happens, how to help, and where hope can be found. Feel free to check out and use all of our resources for your life and ministry dealing with suicide as well.