Storyline# 04 – Genesis 4 – Murder One: Murder, Lies, and Life in Christ

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When the call came through the police scanner, I immediately knew our joyride turned into a very serious matter of life or death.  I had a close friend who was a Tuscaloosa Police sergeant when I was in my mid-twenties (which was longer ago than I like to admit!).  After signing some releases, I rode around in his cruiser with him during the 11pm – 7am shift.  The kicker – it was January 1, 2001.  The call came in that a murder had just taken place somewhere deep in the ghetto.  My friend told me I could either stay in the police car and risk getting shot, or come investigate the crime scene with him and…risk getting shot.  Since I wouldn’t get a gun either way, I went with him to investigate the 1st murder of the millennium in T-town.


            Genesis 4 records the first murder in history.  We must understand the storyline here. Continue reading