ADVANCE: High School Mission Trip to San Diego (July 9-16)

CBSM’s High School Mission Trip to San Diego, CA is on again for this summer. We will be working with Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church in the Chula Vista area. We want all of our high schoolers to go on this trip with us in order to reach families for Jesus and be personally trained in missions, evangelism, and church planting.

The total cost is around $850. We’ll get it lower if we can!
Parents meeting and $500 deposit for plane ticket: Feb 27th.
The remainder won’t be due till late June. TBD.

Make sure to fill-out the application to be accepted: ADVANCE Application.pdf
Make sure you have filled out a Medical Release form for 2013: 2013 Medical Release Form.pdf

CBSM San Diego Mission Trip for High School: July 6 – 13, 2012

Important Downloads for CBSM’s Advance Mission Trippers:
ADVANCE 2012 fillout.pdf
ADVANCE Application.doc
CBSM Medical Release Form 2012.doc

CBSM High Schoolers (9th – 12th grades) will be hitting up San Diego, CA for a seriously awesome mission trip. For the past few years, we’ve gone to San Diego to team up with Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church. They are a church plant right around 5 years old. We get to go in, do a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for all the kids in their community, share Jesus with them, and then just watch God do huge things in their lives. The trip will cost around $750 (including airfare and everything). So make sure to get this date reserved on your summer calendar, CBSM High School. We’d love to have you go with us. We’ll get you more information real soon!

T.Y. Video and Teen Testimonies: CBSM Advance Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

Its been 2 months now since we’ve gotten back from San Diego…when we were out there ministering with CenterPointe Church. I have a few more resources I thought yall would enjoy checking out. Here is the mp3 of our student testimonies from those who went on the mission trip, below that is the video that CenterPointe Church made for us as a thank you, and below that is an email by Pastor Chuck out at CenterPointe to let us know what all God is doing there since our trip. Please continue to pray for Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church as they are reaching the masses with the gospel of Christ! ADVANCE 2010 Student Testimonies (mp3)

As far as our church services, things have been wonderful.  I’ll start with the most recent.  Yesterday our attendance was down a bit.  We only had 120 in services.  The exciting part is, we still had two guests visiting for the first time.  I am thrilled to tell you that one of the guests received Christ as her Savior.  By the way, one of the families visiting was from the VBS.  We are still reaping the harvest from the work you accomplished a couple of months ago.

Overall, here’s how things breakdown. Continue reading

CBSM ADVANCE Mission Trip: a Thank You from CenterPointe Church

Here is Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church personally thanking us for coming and doing a VBS out there. What they don’t know is…THEY were the REAL blessing…to us!

Friday and Saturday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Friday we got up late, and students did their own thing. Some went to the beach, some slept late and got an early lunch, and some went out for some souvenir shopping. Around 3pm, we went back down to the Padres stadium @ Petco Park to meet back up with George Mitrovich who got us a tour of the stadium and onto the field. Thanks George! We then headed back to the Loma Verde Rec Center where the Family Film Fun Night would begin around 6:30pm. We set-up all the games, the food, the balloon animals and face-painting tent, and the theater inside for the families to watch Toy Story with some popcorn and a drink. Praise God over 200 people showed up for the games, food, fun, and film. Bart was able to share his testimony about how God has blessed their family greatly through their involvement in church. We gave out prizes. We cleaned up. And then we went to the bay to watch some fireworks at night, on the water, over the city of San Diego.

Saturday, we got up early after not a lot of sleep, got some breakfast, went to the airport, and flew back home. It’s so good to be back, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve!

Thursday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

On Thursday, we woke up late, packed-up to move our stuff to Point Loma Nazarene University to stay for the next couple days…and then we headed to the beach. We took the students to La Jolla Cove and Beach where we saw some sea lions, climbed on the rocks, played some ultimate frisbee, and froze in the water.

We then headed over to Point Loma Nazarene University to get settled in, and then drove over to Coronado Island for our beach-side worship service and testimony time. All 35 students shared what God did through their lives (in the lives of others) and what God did in their own life for the glory of Christ.

Tuesday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

We got up, ate up, and got out by 10am this morning. We got out to share the word on the best church plant in the Chula Vista area of San Diego…the Centerpointe Church! So our CBSM high school students hit the streets hard for over 2 hours to just pass out tons of fliers for the church and with the gospel. We then went to the park for lunch, and a little chill time. After that, the VBS games began with about 35ish kids which meant all of our students got to disciple their own kid again. Praise God that two more kids were saved today! We made some really good connections at the park with families. It looks like around 100 new people should be visiting and checking out Centerpointe Church within the next month! We’re just praising God that He wants to use us like this for the gory of His Son in His Kingdom! Continue reading

Monday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Well, call us lazy…but we decided to have a slow morning this morning. We all slept a little late, got a good breakfast, and got out of the hotel at the crack of 10am. We took our kids to walk and climb the hills of the Cali hoods for about 2 1/2 hours. We covered somewhere between 1000 – 1500 houses between the 35 of our students passing out the promo material for the church plant (Centerpointe Church) that we’re serving this week. The church is about 3 weeks old with around 120 in attendance. So even if 1% of people respond to the promo material passed out, then that would mean somewhere around 50 families will visit the church from the 5,000 passed out. Continue reading