Storyline #49: 1 Samuel 8-12 “The Lyin’ King: Have It Your Way”

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            I remember one of the most challenging but yet most rewarding trips I ever took was when I went with a college group to the Algonquin National Forrest up in Canada for a week of camping, canoeing, and portaging.  It was a spiritual journey to build leadership.  Every day a new leader would be picked out of the group to take the map, direct the crew, and get us to our destination of the day…many miles away.  On the last day, the guide told us to pick out our own leader.  My “genius” group decided to not pick a leader, but to let the group’s consensus (in canoes, on a lake, etc) lead the way.  Needless to say, that day was a disaster.  We learned the need for point leadership.

            We all desire point leadership in our own lives.  This is common to everyone!  We desperately want something or someone to rule over us, something or someone to follow, and some purpose to devote our lives to.  Whether that turns into a person’s group of friends, a significant other, a career, a future dream to achieve, or just plain self-centeredness…everyone is desperate for a king.  God has purposely designed us this way. Continue reading

Storyline #48: 1 Samuel 4-7 “God Users are Losers”

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            Do you have a good luck charm?  Some baseball players sleep with their bat in their bed, some football players get trainers to smack them across the face to pump them up before a game, and some hockey players dip their stick in a toilet to teach it respect.  1 Samuel 4 – 7 is all about a story when the nation of Israel had reduced God down to their own cute little good luck charm.  So be thinking, “Do you use God as your own personal good luck charm?”  Let’s take a good look at this passage and our lives. Continue reading