Storyline #43: Judges 13-21 “Don’t Be Like Samson” (Curt Mize Style – Senior in High School)

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5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (ppt)

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5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (Chip’s Notes)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (blog by Curt)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (service order)

5 – Judges 13-21 – Samson (mp3)

Curt Mize concluded our KTL Student Preaching last night through the book of Judges as he hammered “Don’t Be Like Samson” in Judges 13-21.  He is just one of those guys who is created, designed, and born to preach.  He’s got to be the most natural preaching 18 year old I’ve ever seen.  He is a machine when he studies his sermon…passionate about spending long hours doing it.  He communicates in such an engaging and authoritative way.  He knows how to be both faithful to the text and to the overall gospel-storyline of Scripture with the best of them.  He can make you laugh, think, worship, and run to the cross all in a matter of about 2 minutes.  And the kid can just straight up preach Jesus through any text or topic.  Continue reading