revolution student conference review by…students!

therevolutionHave you ever wondered what teenagers are really thinking?  Every ponder what is going on in their brains?  Are they really paying attention?  Do they really care?  Well let me put it this way…I’d love to write a brief review on the best conference for students in the country (The Revolution Conference at Boyce College and Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY), but I wouldn’t do the review justice compared to two students in my student ministry.  The first is by Curt Mize who is a senior in our student ministry who is going to Auburn University next year, and he is called by God to be a pastor.  He is a part of our KTL Ministry.  Check out his blog (  The second is by Phillip McBryde who is a junior in our student ministry, and he is looking to go to University of Alabama for college.  Phillip was also called by God to be a pastor a few years ago.  Check out his blog (  I hope yall enjoy them, and continue to keep up with their sweet blogging skills.  I’m so proud of these two guys along with our 9 other KTL students.  I’m amazed at how quickly they are growing in Christ!

Information to Parents and Students for the Revolution Conference

therevolutionTo all those sending your student (parents) or going (students) to the Revolution Conference this weekend,

Here are more details for you concerning our trip to Louisville.

Medical Release Form to Download: Medical Release Form (student revolution conference)

  1. Please be 15 minutes early for when your van ships out.  If you signed up for the noon crew to leave, be at the church by 11:45am.  If you signed up for the 2pm crew to leave, be at the church by 1:45pm.
  2. Please either come to the church having been fed lunch already…or with food in hand.  Please bring money for a supper in Louisville on Friday night and one coming home on Saturday. Continue reading